10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Kansas

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Long and hot days of summer can be quite hectic. People often want to head towards beaches to lessen the load of heat and make summer enjoyable. That’s why you will find beaches often overcrowded during summer.

However, if you are from Kansas, you are at an advantage because we have picked out 10 best places to swim outdoors in Kansas in this article. All of these spots are highly liked by the people there. So, let’s know which ones you want to visit this summer.

1. Wilson Lake

Wilson Lake is located in Wilson State Park, Sylvan Grone. This lake is among the most beautiful lakes in Kansas, making it one of the best attractions for nearby people and visitors. The sandy beach here is great to relax and swim during a hot day. Moreover, along with spending quality time swimming here, people also enjoy other Wilson State Park’s recreational activities. You can also hike, fish, or even water-ski here.

2. Cedar Bluff State Park

The Cedar Bluff State Park is situated in Western Kansas. This park has three options for the swimmers, i.e., Overland Beach, Crooked Arrow Beach, and Tailgate Beach. These beaches make great spots for swimming enthusiasts, especially those planning a trip with their family due to their family-friendly environment.

3. Glen Elder State Park

Located in Glen Elder, this state park is a great spot to reduce the heat of summer. Here, the sandy beach makes it a good place to relax and make sandcastle while having quality time with your kids. You will also find various wildlife species here. Additionally, apart from swimming, this place can also be used for other recreational activities or just picnicking.

4. Shawnee Mission Park

The best thing about Shawnee Mission Park is its large space, which offers a separate beach for you and your dog. So, it’s not just you who will enjoy swimming here but also your dog. This park is the largest in the United States. The lake here has an area of 120-acres. You can also rent paddleboats, canoe, fishing boats, and more.

5. Historic Lake

The Historic Lake is a location in Scott State Park. This beach has also been ranked by the USA today as one of the top 50 beaches in the country. The large sand beach here offers a great spot for the swimmers. It is also equipped with paddle boats, canoe, and kayaks. Moreover, you will also find refreshments and great sitting areas here.

6. Kills Creek Park

The Kill Creek Park is situated between Olathe and De Soto in Johnson County. The park here is easily accessible, so it is easy to plan a trip here. Along with a great swimming beach, the park also contains picnic shelters, marina, hiking trails, equestrian trails, paved trails for bicycling, running, walking, mountain bikes, etc.

7. Crawford State Park

Crawford State Park is located in the southeast region of Kansas. The 100-acres lake named Ozark here makes an amazing spot for swimming during summer. Moreover, it also has a playground, café with delicious foods and refreshments, trails for cycling and hiking, and more.

8. Tuttle Creek State Park

With an area of 1200-acres, the Tuttle Creek State Pak is home to the swimming beach, campgrounds, boat ramps, vacation rentals, courtesy rentals, and eleven fully equipped cabins. People also come to hike, ride on horseback, mountain bike, play golf, volleyball, or just enjoy the incredible sceneries here. Additionally, it also has restrooms and facilities for showering, so you will not face any trouble here.

9. Walnut River Beach

The Walnut River Beach is in El Dorado State Park. The beach is located below the dam. The sandy beach forms a great spot for the swimmers, while other facilities here include a shower house and picnic areas. You will also find it a great location for those who want to enjoy cycling and hiking. Moreover, the breathtaking scenery here, especially during sunset, makes it the best spot for nature lovers.

10.  Cherryvale Park

The Cherryvale Park is situated in southeast Kansas on Big Hill Lake. The water here is extremely clear. The lake has three campgrounds, four day-use areas, and three equestrian trails for the public. Along with swimming at the beach, you can also enjoy fishing, hiking, picnicking, camping, horseback riding, and other activities here.


Don’t forget to plan a trip to the places mentioned above in Kansas this summer. You will surely enjoy it and have a memorable experience.


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