10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Kentucky

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When people hear about Kentucky, the first thing that often pops up in their minds is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), but along with that, Kentucky has some other specialties, too, like its amazing spots for swimming. Like almost all other states in the United States, this one also offers some of the best locations to enjoy during summer.

Here, we have picked up the ten best places to swim outdoors in Kentucky. These places are some of the best ones. The details of each of these locations are provided in the paragraphs below.

1. Carr Creek State Park

Carr Creek State Park is located in Eastern Kentucky among the splendid mountains. The 700-acres lake here offers a great spot for the swimmers. The sandy beach here is one of the longest beaches among Kentucky park beaches. This spot is also great for fishing because it offers plenty of fishing opportunities. Moreover, you can also enjoy boating, picnicking, and camping here.

2. Falling Rock Park

Falling Rock Park is nearby Louisville. Filled with rainwater, the large swimming hole here offers a great location for cooling off the summer heat. The water here is also super clean, which makes it even more desirable for the swimmers. However, you will not find a lot of natural cover along the hole, making it necessary to bring sunscreen here.

3. Eagle Falls

Located in Corbin near Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, the Eagle Falls has a very beautiful location. The falls have various water forces; however, it is better to swim at a comparatively lower force area. Moreover, the weather and rain also vary here. So, it’s better to check the weather before planning a trip here. However, it is a great spot to swim during summer and escape from the heat for a while.

4. Buckhorn Lake State Park

The Buckhorn Lake State Park is located in eastern Kentucky. This is a great attraction for the sunbathers and swimmers during summer. The park also facilitates visitors with restrooms, shower houses, and charging areas, etc. You can also enjoy fishing and boating here. Moreover, it is also a great place for people coming from far areas as it also offers places for stays, etc.

5. Taylorsville Lake State Park

Taylorsville Lake State Park is situated in Mt. Eden. The park has various lakes, and all of them are best for the swimmers. However, this area is a bit underrated as people hardly know about it. It is an advantage too because you will find it less crowded even during peak season. Additionally, you can also enjoy fishing here.

6. Barren River Lake

Barren River Lake is in the town of Lucas in south-central Kentucky. It is a comfortable day to spend your day along the lake while sunbathing and swimming. Moreover, people also enjoy making sandcastles at the sandy beach here. This lake is also considered best for fishing due to numerous fishing opportunities as it is full of amazing fishes.

7. Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

Situated in Dawson Springs, the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park has a breathtaking location. The beaches here have great scenery to spend your day and swim. The soft sand is also amazing for relaxing, which most people prefer to do here. While the beautiful surroundings here is just a bonus.

8. Lake Malone State Park

Lake Malone State Park is in western Kentucky. The designated swimming area here has a gorgeous forest of hardwood. The lake offers an amazing spot to swim and play along the beach. Additionally, it also has various amenities here like stays for the guests, fishing boats, boat ramps for the public, and more. This lake is also the favorite spot of anglers here.

9. Green River Lake Beach

The Green River Lake Beach is located in Campbellsville. This beach is a hidden treasure of nature. Known for its natural beauty, this beach is the best spot for swimming during summer. You can swim, relax, and spend your day playing with your kids here. The sandy beach is very comfortable. Moreover, visitors also enjoy jet skiing here.

10. Nolin Lake State Park

The Nolin Lake State Park has various specialties, including mountain biking, hiking, exploring wildlife, and much more, while swimming here is always at the top of the list. Additionally, the campgrounds here have been added to make it easier for the people to plan longer trips and explore all the places here and nearby areas.


So, pack your bags, plan a trip to Kentucky, and explore some of the best places to swim. These spots will surely make your summer better.


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