10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Maine

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Maine is famous for its coastline, which also offers some of the great spots to swim during summer and have quality time. The coastal beaches here make swimming worth remembering. While the waterfalls, rivers, and lakes add up and provide numerous options to the swimmers here. However, we cannot discuss all of these spots here. That’s why we have chosen the ten best places to swim outdoors in Maine for you. Let’s study the brief details of all of these spots one by one.

1. Cross Lake

Cross Lake is located in Square Lake Township in the north part of Crown of Maine. The beautiful and picturesque beach here provides a great location for swimming and picnicking in the fresh water and under great shade. Moreover, you will also find other facilities here, including picnic tables and other facilities, ample parking, boat launch, primitive outhouse, and more.

2. Flower Beach

Located near Long Island, the Flower beach is a great spot for taking your kids swimming. The beach has a comparatively difficult path, but the hard work is worth it. This beach’s wonderful little location makes it perfect for spending your summer days swimming, while the mesmerizing look of Peak island adds more to this beach’s beauty.

3. Coos Canyon

Coos Canyon is situated in Byron. It is a series of pools and amazing waterfalls with a great watery playground. This swimming hole also has enough space for a lounge. It is one of the most liked swimming attraction of all nearby residents during summer. Additionally, this waterfall is also home to various precious metals, even gold. You can also rent gold panning equipment for the nearby shop to check your luck.

4. Moosehead Lake

The Moosehead Lake is in Beaver Cove. This is one of the largest lakes in Maine. You can access the lake from Lily Bay State Park. The view of the surroundings of this lake is breathtaking. Moreover, the beach area here is considered great for relaxing after spending time in the water. You will also find picnic tables, grills, bathhouse, outhouse, and much more.

5. Parson’s Beach

Parson’s beach is located in Kennebunk. This beach has a bit tough path and less obvious direction. However, this beach’s incredible view and beauty and its excellent swimming opportunity make it rank among the best spots to swim in Maine. Additionally, you can also enjoy the splendid sunset here, which is just a bonus.

6. Smalls Falls

Situated in Rangeley, the Smalls Falls provides great swimming and wading pools. Moreover, it also provides other facilities like bathrooms, fire pits, and much more to make spending a day here great and easier. Here, the rocky waterfalls also provide some amazing views with its shades of brown, black, orange, and gold colors, which makes this spot even more desirable for those who get attracted by nature.

7. Sebec Lake

The center-piece of Peaks-Kenny State Park, the Sebec Lake, is located in Dover Foxcroft. This location is extremely popular among camping and swimming enthusiasts and locals of Maine. The natural sand beach here has an area of around 500 feet. You will also find lifeguards continuously monitoring the swimmers. That’s why it is safer to swim here.

8. Outlet Beach

The Outlet Beach is at Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester. This is not one of the big beaches. The small location makes it easier to get over-crowded. However, if you head there earlier, you can end up finding a great spot here. Additionally, this place has a very family-friendly environment. So if you are looking for a place to take your family, this is the best one.

9. Rattlesnake Pool

Rattlesnake Pool is situated in Stoneham. This pool has emerald green water flowing from the white mountains. This swimming hole makes a great spot to relax during the summer and enjoy swimming to escape the hearing for a while.

10. Upper Richardson Lake

Upper Richardson Lake is located in the town of Richardson. The beautiful forest of pine surrounds this lake. Fir, birch, spruce, maple, and aspen trees will be a beautiful view there. The best time to get here is during late summer. You will find numerous worth exploring shallow sandy areas with deeper swimming pools where you can swim, sit, cool down, relax for a while.


Maine might not be one of the tourists’ favorite attractions, but you should not underestimate it, especially the above-stated swimming spots that are worth exploring.


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