10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Michigan

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Though Michigan is one of the comparatively colder states globally, people still love to enjoy swimming outdoors here. There are numerous lakes, beaches, swimming holes, pools, and much more where people often swim and enjoy other water activities. In this article, we have picked up the ten best places to swim outdoors for you. All of these places are the most liked and visited ones by the locals and visitors here. The brief details of these spots are provided in the following paragraph. So, let’s study about them.

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has a shoreline of 60 miles. The gold-hued sand beach here provides great views of the coastline here. On the beach, swimming is highly popular in this lakeshore while people also love relaxing under the sun umbrella. The beach has various access points, which makes it easier for the visitors.

2. Grand Haven State Park Beach

Grand Haven State Park Beach is located at Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. The clean water and sandy beach here are what make it the favorite attraction of all visitors here. The beach, including the park, has occupied an area of 48 acres. During summer, this beach is often overcrowded. Moreover, the red light and boardwalk are also some of the great spots here.

3. Cheboygan State Park Beach

Cheboygan State Park Beach is situated on the eastern side of Michigan. This beach is home to the most scenic shoreline, while people also love hiking here on the trails through the park. Additionally, it makes a great spot for family trips. It also features some other facilities, including playgrounds, campgrounds, picnic tables, rustic cabins, and more.

4. Pere Marquette Beach

The Pere Marquette Beach is located in Muskegon on Lake Michigan. It has a shoreline of 2.5 miles, which connects it with the smaller park named Kruse Park. The Pere Marquette Beach is considered the heaven of swimmers due to its amazing location and water quality here. Moreover, the beach’s southernmost corner also allows dogs and their owners to swim too.

5. Mackinaw City Beach

Mackinaw City Beach is in northern Michigan. This beach is famous for its warm water and breathtaking sceneries. It has a large space to swim in the mild waves. People also enjoy walking on the dunes here. You can plan a longer stay at this beach and explore all nearby places and other beaches in Mackinaw City.

6. TwelveMile Beach

Located on Lake Superior, the TwelveMile beach is home to a long stretch of clear water and white sand. It is considered one of the best swimming spots among the Great Lakes. You will also find the 73000-acres Federal Park nearby, which is also worth exploring. The facilities here include parking, campgrounds, an outhouse, and much more, all at a small walking distance from the beach.

7. Lakeside Beach

The Lakeside Beach is one of the amazing beaches in Rogers City. The incredible sandy beach here is considered a great spot to relax and enjoy during summer while the water itself works as a great attractant for the nearby swimmers. Visitors also play volleyball, basketball, and other games at the court and playground here.

8. Belle Isle Beach

Belle Isle Beach is located in Detroit on the Detroit River. It is considered the best beach due to its amazing and scenic views. Despite having a comparatively smaller area of 1500-feet, people still love to swim here. This is because of the water and sandy beach here. Moreover, visitors also love to discover some other famous attractions here, like the Historic Island.

9. Manistique Beach

Manistique Beach is in upper Michigan. This location is considered an ideal swimming spot for the swimmers. This is because of the mild water conditions here, which is loved by all the swimmers here. It has a very large and sandy beach. Additionally, you will find some restaurants nearby where you can enjoy some of the delicious local cuisines. While for those planning to stay longer, there are also some hotels and guest houses, etc.

10. Empire Beach

The small and family-friendly Empire Beach is public. The beach also has a 5-acres park, which also offers a great spot for picnicking. The park has access to an inland lake, which has warm water. Moreover, it is also equipped with restrooms, a parking area, and much more.


These swimming spots in Michigan are some of the top spots, and every swimming enthusiast must visit them. So, pack your bags and book your tickets to these incredible places to swim outdoors in Michigan.


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