10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Minnesota

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Summer always arrives with huge excitement for the swimming enthusiasts because it means lots of swimming. But to make swimming more fun, you must know about some of the best places to swim. If you are from Minnesota or planning a summer trip here, you are surely at an advantage because, in this article, we have stated the ten best places to swim outdoors in Minnesota. So, if you plan a swimming trip, you know where exactly to go this summer. Let’s educate ourselves with the details of these spots.

1. Lake Minnetonka Swimming Pond

The Lake Minnetonka Swimming Pond does not offer a large space to swim as it is a small pond. However, it is still one of the most famous attractions of the people here, especially families. The sandy beach here is a great spot to relax after swimming while the trees in the surroundings work as a treasure for nature lovers.

2. Zippel Bay State Park Beach

Located on Minnesota’s northern border, Zippel Bay State Park is home to a beautiful white sand beach with a 2-miles area. The beach is on a lake of the woods, one of the world’s largest lakes. This beach has extremely eye-catching surroundings and sceneries. The park itself has an area of 3000-acres, which is also worth exploring.

3. Quarry Park

The Quarry Park offers a great location for the swimmers who love trying various cliff jumping techniques. You will find some of the perfect cliffs here. Additionally, the clear water here makes it even more favorite of the swimmers, while the amazing location works as just a bonus. You can spend a full day swimming, cliff jumping, and enjoying yourself here without even realizing it.

4. Iona’s Beach

Iona’s beach is situated on the north shore. It has occupied an area of 10 acres. This beach is one of the three famous areas on Lake Superior. People often come here to swim and enjoy the mesmerizing sceneries and picturesque views. Moreover, Iona’s Beach also has a worth exploring short path, leading to Lake Superior’s crystal clear.

5. Little Caribou Lake

The Little Caribou Lake is located near BWCA Lakes. This is one of the most favorite destinations of the people here and nearby areas. The water here provides a perfect swimming experience to the visitors here. People often visit here during summer to reduce the effect of heat and escape for a while.

6. Lake Carlos State Park Beach

The old glaciers sculpt the Lake Carlos State Park Beach. This state park is home to marshes, tamarack bog, lakes, and woodland ponds. Moreover, the best thing about this beach is its family-friendly environment, making it a perfect spot to swim and picnic with kids and family. You will also find people playing volleyball, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, and much more.

7. Beaver Bay

Beaver Bay is also one of the beaches located on the North Shore. Like all of the other beaches here, Beaver Bay also provides excellent views and a great swimming experience. You can swim, sit back and enjoy under the sun, and relax during hot summer days here. So, if you want better swimming and breathtaking views, then this place is made for you.

8. Black Beach

Located by Silver Bay, the Black Beach is a hidden treasure. You will find three amazing beaches, including the black beach, all nearby. The sand here is extremely soft and has black color, as suggested by its name. This beach offers a great spot for the swimmers. You can try out some of your favorite swimming techniques here.

9. Pine Springs Pool

The Pine Springs Pool is situated in Blooming Prairie. It has very clear water open for the public to swim. It is fed by springs, while the management here also treats it with chlorine to make it germs free and perfect for both adults and kids to swim here. It is also equipped with diving boards with separate heights for children and adults.

10. Afton State Park Beach

The Afton State Park Beach is located on St. Croix River. The sunny days here attract plenty of swimmers from all nearby areas. Moreover, you will also find hiking trails, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and a campsite. People often plan a longer trip here during summer and stay in their camps at the campsite.


So, pack your bags and plan a trip to the 10 best places to swim outdoors in Minnesota this summer if you want to have a blast this summer.


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