10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Montana

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Montana is famous for its great plains and extraordinary looking the Rocky Mountains. However, that’s not it; this state has some other specialties that both the locals and visitors love, like its mesmerizing beaches and holes where people swim, kayak, fish, enjoy boating, and much more.

This article lists down the ten best places to swim outdoors in Montana for swimming enthusiasts. Each of the below-mentioned spots is for sure the best ones and famous for various reasons. So, let’s know the brief details of these spots.

1. The Dearborn River

The Dearborn River is located in Lewis and Clark. This swimming hole is an actual treasure of nature. The clear water here surrounded by the Rocky Mountains provides the most amazing views and a great swimming experience. Especially the area located around 3.5 miles from the trailhead is loved by all the visitors here. You can also enjoy cliff diving from the cliffs here.

2. Mystic Lake

The Mystic Lake is located in the Beartooth Mountains. This place is for those who want to enjoy hiking and swimming all at once because, to reach the lake, you have to hike for about 6 miles. Moreover, you will also find some amazing campsites at the trailhead while you also have the flexibility of camping near the lake too.

3. Duck Creek Bridge

The Duck Creek Bridge is situated in the Yellowstone River to the southwest of Billings. This is one of Montana’s most inviting swimming holes due to its amazing location and beautiful scenic views. For those who want to cool off during a hot summer day, the Duck Creek Bridge is your place. You can swim, cool off, and have a great escape from the heat.

4. Yaak River Falls

The Yaak River Falls is located near Yaak. This place is known for two reasons. First, its breathtaking views including the view of falls itself and second, its great spots for swimming. Try out every corner of the falls, find your favorite location, and start swimming. Additionally, you can also try some of your favorite cliff diving moves from the cliffs here.

5. Fort Peck Lake

The Fort Pack Lake is situated in the northeastern region of Montana. It is the 5th largest human-made reservoir in the country. You can head here for swimming, picnicking, or just relaxing on the beach. It has a family-friendly environment; that’s why most of the visitors here are family. Moreover, hiking is also a famous activity here. People often plan a longer stay here because it has a lot more than just a lake to swim in.

6. Tally Lake

Tally Lake is in Whitefish. This lake is heaven for the swimmers who enjoy swimming at the scenic locations. Surrounded by the green mountains, you can spend an amazing time here. You will also find a campground to the north shore of the lake. While the nice beach here offers a perfect spot to relax after swimming.

7. Natural Oasis

The Natural Oasis is located in Miles City. This swimming hole has a very easy location; you don’t even need to go out of the town. This is a popular swimming and picnicking spot for the locals here. Since this swimming hole is inside a town, you will easily find restaurants, shops, hotels, and other essential things.

8. Holland Lake

Holland Lake is in the Flathead National Forest in the Swan Valley. This is a must-visit spot and a great attraction in Montana. Surrounded by the splendid sceneries and snowing mountains, this lake should be your destination this swimming season. You can swim and enjoy the beautiful scenic views here. It also has a campground and a day-use area too.

9. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is situated in the northwest region of Montana. The lake is home to a great swimming spot and has a rocky beach. You can bring your rugs and other items and relax after swimming. People visit here often, especially during summer.

10. Gigantic Warm Springs

Gigantic Warm Springs is in Lewiston Area. This spring mostly has a temperature of 68 degrees, making it extremely pleasant for swimming during all seasons. However, it is comparatively deeper than the other springs. It has a depth of 12 to 14 feet. Moreover, it has a very family-friendly environment.


Don’t head to any other state this summer; plan a trip in Montana and explore some of the great spots here, including the swimming mentioned above locations.


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