10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Nebraska

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Nebraska is the only state in the United States which is triply landlocked. This amazing state lies in the Midwestern region of the country and has great plains. It is also home to the great Missouri River, which is at its eastern border. It is also famous for its hills, which have occupied half of the eastern region here.

Tourists from all over the country and world visit here for its famous beef because it is Kool-Aid’s birthplace. Additionally, Nebraska is also full of natural spots and rivers. Where people often visit to relax and swim to lessen the heat of summer.

In this article, we have stated the ten best places to swim outdoors in Nebraska. So, let’s discuss them.

1. Sandy Channel State Recreational Area

The Sandy Channel State Recreational Area is located near Elm Creek. This recreational area is popular for its clear water and amazing location. It is also known for its scuba diving due to its clear water. Moreover, people also often visit here for fishing. However, swimming always stays at the top among various activities happening here.

2. Lake MacConaughy

Lake MacConaughy is situated near Ogallala. This lake is famous for its white-sand beaches. People often visit here to enjoy hot summer days to swim and relax at the amazing white sand beach. You can bring your RVs and car directly to the beach. Park it along the water and enjoy your day.

3. Swanson Reservoir State Recreational Area

Swanson Reservoir State Recreational Area nearby Trenton. It is the favorite attraction of all nearby people and locals here during summer. It has clear water and a great location for the swimmers. That’s why you will often find it full of people during summer. The sandy beach is also great for relaxing. You can also boat here, play by the beach, or just come here to picnic.

4. Calamus Reservoir

It is situated near Burwell. People often visit Calamus Reservoir to enjoy windsurfing. However, it is also famous for some other reasons too like swimming. People visit here during summer to enjoy both windsurfing and swimming. Kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, and hiking are also people’s favorite things to here. You can also plan a trip with your kids here.

5. Long Pine Creek

Located near Long Pine, the Long Pine Creek has a clear crystal and cool water, making it a great spot to cool down during hot summer days. Although this creek is famous for its floating, wading, and splashing, you will also find it great for swimming. You can also rent a tube here and enjoy floating.

6. Wagon Train Lake Beach

Wagon Train Lake Beach is to the east of Hickman. This 315-acres lake is located inside 746-acres Wagon Train State Recreation Area. People visit here for swimming, fishing, boating, camping, and picnicking. It is a great spot to take your kids during summer because of its family-friendly environment. Additionally, it also offers parking, which is a plus point.

7. Enders Reservoir

Located in Enders, the Enders Reservoir is known for its wildness. It is the wildest among the nearby recreational areas. However, you will find less traffic here because it has not been built-up well. It offers a great spot for the swimmers to swim. It has clear water and a sandy beach.

8. Pawnee Lake

Pawnee Lake is in the Pawnee Lake State Recreation Area situated to the north of Emerald. This lake has a very family-friendly environment; that’s why it is the favorite local spot here to take their kids. You can also enjoy jet skiing and other activities here.

9. Branched Oak Lake

Branch Oak Lake is located in Lancaster County. It is a major part of the Branch Oak Recreational Area. It has occupied an area of 700 hectares. People visit here to enjoy plenty of activities. Some famous activities are swimming, boating, fishing, and camping. Moreover, people also visit here for horseback riding and hiking. It is a great spot to bring your family.

10. Brick’s Beach

Brick’s beach is situated at Fremont Lake State Recreation Area. Though it is a great location for the swimmers, it has few regulations to follow, like it requires beach badges for the kids with more than 12 years of age. The best about this place is its lifeguards who operate here during peak seasons.


To make your summer fun, plan a trip to the swimming mentioned above spots and have a blast summer.


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