10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Nevada

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Imagine bathing in the most pristine freshwater, possibly in all of the United States. As your body cleanses itself in the cool water, the sunshine brushes against your skin and keeps you warm. One moment you delve into the depths of silent water, and next, you breathe out and capture the most scenic view.

Doesn’t it feel like I am describing a dream? Well, who said dreams could not be real. Turn this wish into an experience in Nevada. This place is the world’s hot spring capital, where natural swimming pools are just found everywhere. It was quite difficult for us to condense all these best places and pick a handful of 10 epic swimming holes only.

1. Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area

Though the name seems suspiciously lengthy, this place is one of the most beautiful and relaxing swimming holes in all of the US. It connects with the Colorado River, and the water here is clear and cool. It is located in a park which is around 20 years old but very well-maintained. As the mountains cover this place and beaches surround it, it has become a popular swimming spot.

2. Sand Harbor Beach

As the name beach is attached, you know this place is going to be worthwhile. It looks like a scene from a movie shot in the secluded forests where a rocky beach is discovered. The lush green mountains around add color and beauty to the view and give a fresh look. There is also a Diver’s Cove here, which is perfect for swimmers.

3. First Creek

This spring varies in-depth as the level rises and falls based on the rainfall and volume of snow. This swimming hole also includes a waterfall, which is like every swimmer’s dream place. It offers shade and allows you to enjoy the gushing flow of cool, refreshing water. You may not like the 2-hour long hike, but the place is worth it.

4. Oak Creek

If you go to La Vegas for some casino time, do come here to relax afterward. You will love this natural spring as it is located near the Oak Creek trail and Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. The hike will be exhausting and quite time-consuming, but one dive in this spring, and all that tiredness will wash away.

5. Angel Lake

If you are done with Nevada’s heatwave, then this swimming hole’s cold water is perfect for you. The gorgeous view, pristine blue water, and surrounding cliffs make the place ideal for a day-time swim. The nearby flat land is great for camping and picnic.

6. Colorado River

It wasn’t possible to talk about the best swimming places in Nevada and didn’t include this swimming hole; it was given. It has a small rocky beach and is accessible only to those who would clear a 4-mile trail for it.

7. Wild Horse Reservoir

This beautiful and majestic place is located right near Owyhee River. There is a gorgeous swimming beach right along the reservoir. This makes the shore quite relaxing as you can bathe in the sun there.

8. McGill Pool

This swimming pool may seem advance and kind of well-maintained, but it is sourced by a natural spring. This pool has all kinds of water swings like slides, so you all can enjoy the complete experience and visit with all of your family. The diving boards allow swimmers to experiment with dives and dips as the water is significantly deep.

9. Sparks Marina Park

This beach is properly designed to offer amazing swimming experiences. It is equipped with all sorts of essential accessories and professional lifeguards. This place is quite known and popular in Nevada for looking unreal and breathtaking at night.

10. Cave Lake State Park

This place occupies around 32-acres of the area as a lake reservoir, but it may be just the best use of the whole area. This is one of the best swimming holes as the water is clean, cool, and refreshing. Along with this, the view is scenic, and the environment is so calming that one leaves all his trouble behind just after one swim here.


If you are looking to spend this summer in a fun and adventurous way, then we can assure you that no place can beat the swimming spots in Nevada. So, pack your bags and swimming gear and drive off to Nevada!


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