10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in New Hampshire

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The best summer plans involve a relaxed, tranquil place where the only noise is water crashing into the rocks. The only smell is the scent of freshly grown grass, and the colors ruling the view are green and blue.

The first thing that must have popped up would have been a swimming experience. So, pack a lunch bag because you are going for a dive. But where? Here is a list of top best swimming destinations in New Hampshire. Pick your favorite!

1. Little Squam Lake

Don’t judge this place by its name. It is like a picture taken from an old English book where the writer describes heaven on earth. The picturesque view and the sand, clear beach look incredible with the solid blue water that is just the right temperature. One swim, and you will let go of all your worries and pain. It’s like the water has some rejuvenation abilities.

2. Jackson Falls

If you want to be a little adventurous and go for a dip in fast-flowing water, then this is the place to do so. This place is surrounded by distant, steep mountains that feed it. This is why the water flow is rapid and unstoppable. There is a waterfall runoff near the collection of rocks that lay flat on the shore. You can sit over them after a swim and dance your feet around in it.

3. Echo Lake

This place is like a portal that connects the world with nature. Here you can truly appreciate the wonders of nature which cannot be seen elsewhere. There are hotels and resorts nearby to enjoy the basic services even if you visit this place from out of state.

Even professional swimmers love this place because of its quiet environment and peaceful atmosphere.

4. Crystal Lake

This place has earned its place on the list because it has a remarkable view, and the water here is just the perfect temperature. As the name suggests, this lake is crystal clear and bordered by gorgeous mountains, which exist in mellow orange and yellow hues. This place is a favorite as swimmers can easily access it through a boat, canoe, or kayak.

5. Diana’s Baths

This scenic place is a series of beautiful yet cascading falls, and some gorgeous rock ledges surround it. The picture-perfect view is easily found here and can be enjoyed during the entire length of swimming. There is no shortage of natural swimming pools here, but this pool has this weird homely feel that attracts thousands of visitors and even professional swimmers for a dip.

6. Emerald Pool

This place can easily be accessed through the easiest hike you will ever go on in your life. Here there is a small beautiful pool and an extensive shoreline where there are wide ranges of beautiful and huge mountains. The water rushes through a cleft in the massive rocks found nearby, causing high water pressure before it disposes of.

7. Lonesome Lake

This lake occupies 12-beautiful acres of water. To reach this place, you would have to embark on a three-mile journey, and though you may get tired, the view of being 2,760 feet above the Franconia Notch would be completely your money’s worth.

8. Wadleigh State Park

This park is made exclusively for people of all ages. You can take your family here on vacation and enjoy the perks of swimming in a secluded, quiet place. You would love how the cool, clear water runs against your bare skin and pulls away from all the heat and worry off of you.

9. Lower Falls

Are you even a true resident of New Hampshire if you haven’t ever heard of the Lower Falls. This is possibly the most popular swimming hole in all of New Hampshire. There are plenty of convincing reasons for you that will compel you to believe that this place is truly incredible.

10. Franconia Falls

If the name seems familiar, then you must have had the swim that you would remember for the rest of your life. This place is the perfect blend of natural water slides, calming freshwater, and minimum hiking trips.


These summers escape the crowd and the chaos in your life and have a few moments of relaxation to yourself. Grab your swimming clothes, a picnic basket, and your sunscreen, and head out to your favorite swimming spot. No swimming destination in New Hampshire must be missed as all are equally epic. So, brace yourselves, because this summer you will have the true party!


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