9 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in New Jersey

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You know that whenever it is summertime, it by default means that you have to pack your bags because it is time to swim. But which place would you love the most? You don’t know yet?

Well, don’t worry! Because if you plan to go somewhere in New Jersey, then we have got your covered. Here are our favorite picks of the best outdoor swimming places in New Jersey. So, grab your sunscreens and head out!

1. Shepherd Lake

This well-fed lake is sourced by a spring that has clear and pristine water. The lifeguards are on duty here at all working hours. This recreation area acts as a perfect swimming spot because the water is cool, refreshing, and calm. You can also enjoy the breathtaking view. Lake Nummy

Though the name sounds a little hilarious but trusts me, once you lay your eyes on this 21,000-acre park, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Here is a beautiful lake with a small beach near it, which is a bit rocky, but the sand is smooth. There are beach supplies and arrangements for refreshments nearby.

2. Tomahawk Lake

This lake is the perfect family vacation destination. The water here is not too deep or too cold. It is of the perfect depth and temperature so that everyone can enjoy a swim here. There are water sports accommodated here, and slides are also installed to keep children entertained. A miniature golf course is also located to keep the elderly engaged.

3. Lake Marcia

This lake is at a surprising height of 1803 feet above sea level. This lake is super cool and is fed by refreshing water sources. The water supplied here is pure and so clean that you can easily see through it. There are camping facilities and refreshment arrangements made nearby.

4. Atsion Lake

You wouldn’t trust a secluded natural pool no matter how beautiful it is, but what if we tell you that you can enjoy all those perks in a swimming spot located in a maintained park? That is the case with this spot. It is perfect for families as there are grill stations, restrooms, and picnic stops. The lifeguards are often on duty and make swimming essentially easy.

5. Swartswood Lake

This lake is found in a park that is well managed and taken care of. This is why this lake is regularly cleaned and made presentable. This captivates swimmers and allows them to enjoy the perfect swimming experience. The view is also mesmerizing. The surroundings are covered with thick, lush green forests.

6. Lake Hopatcong

This freshwater lake offers all different kinds of water sports and fishing. Swimming is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is possibly the best here. The shoreline extends to over 45 miles, and it consists mainly of restaurants, beaches, marinas, and other beautiful attractions. This lake is so beautiful and pleasing to see that you would swim less here and spend more time marveling over the spectacular view.

7. Lake Wawayanda

Don’t spend all your time learning how to pronounce this name. As much as difficult the name is, the more beautiful and gorgeous the place is. There are huts and gazebos around the beach so that everyone can gather after a swim and enjoy a drink or two. You can easily rent a kayak, canoe, or boat here if you want to go a little deep in the middle for a relaxing swim.

8. Round Valley

As you run away from the heatwave of New Jersey, the blue and cool waters here invite you for a refreshing dive. So, enjoy the beaches, and the perfect swim here as the view is just as refreshing and calming as the view. The thick, green forests are super dense, and they add color and freshness to the environment and the view.

9. Lake Absegami

This 67-acre lake was created in a public recreation park in around 1930. But it is fed by a freshwater channel, and it boasts a spectacular view. The greenery around this place is simply incredible, and there are all essential facilities located in this park, so you are not deprived of any basic and needed service.


New Jersey may be known for many things, but we are certain that the beaches of New Jersey are wildly popular. So, whenever the idea of swimming pops up in your head, you must choose to go to New Jersey and choose your favorite spot.


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