10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in New Mexico

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It’s time to pack your bags because summertime in New Mexico, though that is more of a prolonged season than a brief time. So, what should you do to overcome the scorching heat and relax? How does cooling and refreshing swim sounds? It is like a godsend, and New Mexico is packed with swimming holes where you can dive and beat off all the sweat and heat.

Study the following best places in New Mexico where you can swim outdoors and enjoy your summers in peace!

1. Jemez Falls

This shallow pool has garnered a lot of attention simply because it is an awesome place to take a dip. Near to it are the McCauley Hot Springs, which is hands down one of the most luxurious swimming experiences you can have. The temperature in the pool is warm, though, but it is not boiling. So, you can enjoy it in the summers.

2. Abiquiu Lake

This lake is in its most natural and raw form. The rocky beachside and shallow waters will remind you of your favorite childhood waterside memory. The sun shines bright here and reflects well through the glistening water. You can create a memorable swimming experience because there is nothing better than a relaxing dove near a picturesque view!

3. Cliff River Springs

If you have visited the mineral springs at Ojo Caliente, then this place is a must-visit. Not many people know about this place so that you will enjoy the privacy and the seclusion. It will exclusively be just for you. Beautiful landscapes surround this lake here, and the hotel nearby has casitas that are essentially owned by families.

4. Elephant Butte Lake State Park

This very well may be the largest state park in New Mexico, and it is perfect for all watersports, including water-rafting, swimming, and canoeing. This way you can have all the fun and try new, adventurous activities. The sandy beaches are shallow and kid-friendly. You can enjoy the view of the waterways and soak in the sun on the beaches.

5. The Blue Hole

Scuba-divers mainly visit this place in Santa Rosa, but it is a haven for swimmers too. The water is crystal clear and incredibly refreshing. The flow is also perfect, which is 3000 gallons per minute. This is good news for swimmers because they can enjoy a dive in new water every six hours. The water is 81 feet deep, and so one can swim without fear of hitting the bottom rocks.

6. Bottomless Lakes State Park

Now some of you may love the concept of bottomless as no more rocky injuries, but some of you may not like it as this depth can be intimidating. There are no motorized boats allowed here so that you can swim easily with peace of mind. The water is as deep as 90 feet, which nearly makes it a sinkhole. If you want to have some more fun, then you can also rent paddleboards or paddle boats.

7. Sitting Bull Falls

This awesome swimming hole is located in one of the most scenic areas of New Mexico, and there are many natural pools around this place where you can blow off some steam and relax in calming waters. The waterfall itself is such a beautiful place to swim; you will love the cool water and the lovely shade.

8. Lea Lake

This is the most underrated and beautiful lake found in New Mexico. It is one of the only bottomless lakes state park and a popular swimming spot. You can enjoy waterskiing, boating, and swimming. You can enjoy the true experience by diving in this cool, calm, and refreshing water.

9. Rio Grande

This spot is huge, possibly the biggest and most beautiful swimming hole. It is the fourth longest river system in the United States and is perfect for conducting watersports. The scenery and wildlife that surround this beautiful place are amazing and cannot be matched.

10. El Vado Lake State Park

Don’t worry; you don’t have to memorize the name! Large mountains surround this beautiful place, and there are many secluded coves around that make the place even more mesmerizing.


There are only a few miles of waters in New Mexico compared to another state, but those few miles are so great that you would want to visit them each summer. The best swimming holes are found here, and they range from lakes, pools, and waterfalls.


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