10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in New York

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New York is best known for its winter and also for its delicious hot cocoa. But though the summers are long-awaited after months of having snow-covered boots and wearing heavier than self over-coats, one needs an escape from the heat too.

So, to fight the scorching heat of New York that rises in a cascading way, here are some of our favorite picks of swimming holes in New York. Choose one of your favorite places and go for a drive this weekend.

1. Esopus Creek

Who doesn’t want to relive and act out the Dirty Dancing fantasies? If you, too, are a hopeless fanatic, then this place is a must-visit. You can recreate the famous scene here as this place is similar. This creek flows through Phoenicia and Saugerties. There are plenty of entry opportunities for you. You can float here on a lazy afternoon and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky.

2. Peekamoose Blue Hole

Do you remember those times when you would just run off from high school and find peace in a calm, secluded lake? If you haven’t lived this yet, you must dive here because it is one of the most exhilarating experiences. This swimming hole is hidden by trees, cliffs, and branches grown into swings. It cannot get any better than this!

3. Croton Point Beach

You may have some objection over the sanitary conditions of some swimming places in Hudson, but there is nothing obnoxious about this place! This place is exclusively reserved for people who need time away from the world’s busyness. With all the wild cliffs, sandy beaches, and hills around, this place seems like it is drawn right out of an English novel.

4. Canopus Lake

After a swim, don’t you like to rub your feet against the bare sand and lie down as sand sticks to your skin and you soak in the sun. Well, this heavenly scene can be lived in real here. This lake stretches up to 1.5 miles and is adjacent to a vast park. You can further explore it and set up a picnic after a relaxing swim.

5. Fort Tilden Beach

You may have never heard of it, neither you may have been here, but that is the best part. It is like your own private beach; no people, no hassle, no chaos, just peace and tranquility. This three-mile lake stretches to clean sand, lush green trees, and a beautiful 50 yards beach. This place is so ravishing, and the water here is cool, refreshing, and just the right temperature.

6. Midland Beach

If you are in the mood to enjoy a shallow swim with your friends or spend a weekend away with family, then it doesn’t get any better than this place. This place offers everything from gaining access to all essential facilities to have the perfect swim in blue, refreshing waters. It is known well for its fishing pier and bike path; something you can do after a good swim.

7. Oneida Lake

Just like its name, this place is equally unique and truly majestic. It is located in the center of the State, a highly prime location as it connects with nearly anywhere. You have access to multiple points so that you can dive in for swimming easily from anywhere. The park and shores nearby allow you to enjoy the perks of both.

8. Brighton Beach

If you are tired of walking around the busy New York streets trying to find the perfect swimming spot, then you may have to think outside the box. And by box, we mean the city area. Visit Brighton Beach to enjoy the peace and calm of a quitter place and a beautiful beachfront. The boardwalk is the real attraction and a great place to capture all of the views after the perfect swim.

9. Green Lakes State

By adding the name park, you would be already half-convinced because parks are well managed and maintained. This gem of a state park is packed and loaded with so many features, and best being the glorious beach. Swimming here is not only relaxing but truly therapeutic.

10. Fillmore Glen State Park

Do reserve a train ticket to this site, because swimming here is a must. And we are not exaggerating. This family-friendly place has it all, from the lifeguard on duty to a gorgeous waterfall.


New York may be the hub of all social attractions, but beaches and swimming holes are also the true gems of this place. You cannot miss these swimming spots!


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