10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in North Dakota

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Unlike the other US States, North Dakota’s rich grasslands have mind-blowing beauty and attraction. The State is located in the heart of the Great Plains territory, which has some great beach destinations along its amazing rivers, pristine waters, beautiful valleys, striking swimming holes, and wonderful lakes.

North Dakota is the hub of tourists who visit its swimming destinations to cool themselves off during summer’s soaring heat.  It also offers prime access to regional bodies of water; the State’s beach spots are some of the best places to unwind for a trip. Here are some of the top places to go to a beach and swim to make your days memorable.

1. Devils Lake State Park Beach

Devil Lake State Park Beach is one of the largest lakes in North Dakota. It is often deemed as the most popular destination for swimming and fishing for visitors across the State. This wonderful swimming spot is also a perfect place for sunbathing. Apart from this, it is a kid-friendly beach destination surrounded by a beautiful playground for youngsters to enjoy their summer.

2. Beaver Lake State Park Beach

Beaver lake Beach is an amazing swimming destination in North Dakota. The water of this beach is perfect for boating, fishing, canoeing, and water skiing. The grassy area is perfect for fun and family games. Therefore, it is liked by most of the people who want to visit this place along with their families.

3. Jamestown Reservoir Beach

Jamestown Reservoir Beach is a perfect beach in North Dakota for families who plan a swimming trip with their kids. Furthermore, Jamestown Reservoir Beach has amenities that include nearby playgrounds for your kids’ enjoyment, clean restrooms, concessions selling yummy treats, and a nearby disc golf course. So what you need is to make a trip to this area to enjoy your summer.

4. Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach

Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach is the perfect place for many people who want a break from the hustle and bustle of their hectic routine during the hot summer days. This beach is considered a family-friendly beach with certain facilities like a nearby playground for kids, boating, and fishing.

5. Lake Sakakawea State Park Beach

This beach in North Dakota offers numerous facilities along with its beautiful swimming destinations and pristine waters. It features two playgrounds that are the perfect size for your tykes, a sandy beach volleyball court for a competitive game with your loved ones, and easily accessible restrooms and showers. So don’t forget to plan a trip to this amazing spot this summer.

6. Lake Ashtabula Beach

Lake Ashtabula Beach Visiting is another striking destination for visitors across North Dakota. Its main features include a playground complete with slides and swings. Apart from this, it is also a great destination for boating and fishing. There is even a nearby fish-cleaning station where you can clean and prepare the fish you caught together. It only needs your attention to visit this striking spot to make your days beautiful.

7. Raging Rivers Waterpark

Raging Rivers Waterpark is of North Dakota’s best waterparks, located in the city of Mandan. It has all kinds of facilities which people love about waterparks: a lazy river, exciting slides, and plenty of space to swim and enjoy the nice cool water.

8. West River Community Center Park

West River Community Center Park is one of the beautiful swimming destinations in the entire North Dakota. It is a delightful waterpark that is great for all ages. So plan a trip to enjoy the summer and make your days amazing.

9. Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake Park has gorgeous waters and pleasant beaches in the entire North Dakota. This amazing place is very popular for its pristine waters, swimming spots, boating opportunities, and fishing activities during the summer season.

10. Lake Renwick

Lake Renwick has mind-blowing beaches for swimming in the State. Besides, it is the perfect place for a hot summer day trip. Fishing here is awesome, too. Therefore, families love to visit this place to spend their weekend.


So, now is the time to pick up your bags to plan a trip to North Dakota. It gives you enough opportunities to explore its best places to swim. These places will make your summer better.


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