10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Ohio

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Like Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana, Ohio has extremely neat places, swimming spots, stunning rivers, natural swimming holes, and startling beaches for outdoor swimming. All you need to take the day off and gather your family and visit these attractive swimming spots and outstanding beaches to swim to minimize the hectic load of severe heat in summer.

Furthermore, it is difficult to find out certain best beaches and swimming spots amid harsh summer.  Here we have picked out the ten best places to swim outdoors in Ohio in this article. All of these spots are extremely adored by the people in Ohio. These stunning places are briefly discussed below.

1. Tappan Lake

Tappan Lake is located near a restored Indian village at Schoenbrunn StatePark in Deersville.  It is one of the most popular swimming spots to get yourself relax and swim during the hectic days of hot summer. Besides this, it also serves as the best boating, fishing, and camping destination for visitors.

2. Cedar Point Beach

Cedar Point Beach is situated in Sandusky, Ohio. It has a wide shore that is best for playing any game after swimming to lessen heat load. Along with this, this stunning beach is the perfect place for those who want to visit along with their families because of its family-friendly environment.

3. Salt Fork Lake Beach

Salt Fork Lake Beach is one of Ohio’s most beautiful state parks located in Guernsey County. This beach serves as an amazing spot for swimming during summer. Besides, it has a wide playground, trails for hiking, and a designated swimming area perfect for family fun.

4. Headlands Beach

Headlands Beach is the largest natural beach in Ohio, located at Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor. It is the most popular beach in Ohio because of its conveniences to visitors and swimmers like dumpsters, restrooms, café, picnic points, and trails for cycling. Moreover, this beach is frequently visited by people during summer to relax the harsh heat load and make their holiday enjoyable.

5. Geneva State Park Beach

In Northeast Ohio, this beautiful sandy beach is a top-quality vacation and swimming spot on Lake Erie’s shores. Its scenic beauty, stunning picnic pavilions, amazing hiking trails, and friendly environment always attract many visitors during summer to make their days memorable and enjoyable. Therefore, we have listed this amazing place for your convenience in this article.

6. Old Field Beach

The Old Field Beach – situated at Indian Lake – is the most popular beach in Ohio by maintaining its cleanliness and friendly environment. It has plenty of space for modern facilities like picnic shelters and restrooms. Besides this, it has separate swimming, boating, and jet-skiers area near the docking point. Other conveniences like nearby restaurants help visitors spend their full day and enjoy the sunsets alongside swimming.

7. Kelley’s Island State Pak Beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches located on the shores of Lake Erie. Most people liked its pristine and beautiful swimming spots because of its geological limestone landscape and surrounding nature. Besides, this kid-friendly beach has gradual water depth and a camping ground to make it more attractive for the visitors.

8. Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, located in Northern Ohio, is an amazing beach for swimming in summer’s harsh heat. The beach has changing areas and restrooms and grills, and picnic tables for dining in the park. Moreover, it is the best destination for swimmers across Northern Ohio.

9. Burr Oak Lake Beach

Burr Oak Lake is a human-made lake in Glouster with a beautiful small beach. It is an amazing 500-foot sand beach surrounded by colorful trees, migrating birds, beautiful water, and a pristine scenic view. Moreover, it has certain public facilities like a campground, volleyball courts, and boating. It always attracts visitors, particularly during summer, to lessen the burden of the heart.

10. Lakeview Park Beach

The Lakeview Park Beach is one of the most beloved swimming and boating destinations for swimmers across Ohio. It has certain features like summer concert series, beach volleyball ground, the historic Rose Garden, and a beautiful café.


It is strongly recommended that the visitors and swimmers don’t forget to plan a trip to these remarkable places mentioned above in Ohio this summer. You will surely enjoy it and have a memorable experience.


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