10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Oklahoma

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The hot days of summer in Oklahoma can give people an extremely tough time to bear summer’s brunt. Therefore, most people gather their families and heed themselves towards the most beautiful and stunning swimming spots in Oklahoma.

Additionally, If you are from Oklahoma and have a plan to visit places to stay cool in the presence of beautiful skies and hot weather, these 10 best swimming destinations in Oklahoma are great places for you. It is because; they will make your summer cool and lessen the burden of harsh heat.

1. Blue Hole Park – Salina

Blue Hole Park is one of the most popular swimming destinations for generations in Oklahoma. Its clean and cold waters are incomparable in the attraction of the visitors across Oklahoma. Most people love to spend their summer vacation by frequently visiting this place for swimming to minimize the heat burden. Besides this, this place is surrounded by amazing rivers and incredible waterfalls. Therefore, it is deemed as an ideal destination for summertime fun.

2. Spring Creek

Spring Creek, located in Northern Oklahoma, is among the splendid swimming destinations. The 34 miles lake offers an amazing spot for the swimmers. This spot is also great for fishing because it offers plenty of fishing opportunities. Moreover, many people in Oklahoma’s clean and cold waters are liked because here they can also enjoy boating, picnicking, and camping.

3. Gage Artesian Beach

Gage Artesian Beach is one of the unique swimming spots in Oklahoma. It is considered a place that must be visited to enjoy its unforgettable cold water and experience its amazing historical lineage. Additionally, this unique swimming hole was created in the early 1900s when an oil drilling crew unexpectedly struck water. So it must be visited during summer to lessen the heat.

4. Turner Fall Park

In Davis, Turner Falls Park is one of the state’s tallest waterfalls, having a natural pool below. The beautiful mountains and stunning views always attract people to visit swimming, hiking, and cave exploration. Spending time in Turner Falls is a true Oklahoma tradition during the year’s hottest months. Thousands of visitors come during the harsh summer to enjoy the refreshing water.

5. Medicine Park Creek

The Medicine Park Creek is a historical swimming spot in Southwestern Oklahoma. The stunning cold water has a splendid attraction for visitors and swimming lovers.  This spot is also great for fishing, cycling, and hiking because it offers plenty of fishing and other opportunities. Moreover, you can also enjoy its charming attraction and camping here.

6. Sunset Beach at Foss Lake

Sunset Beach is one of the most amazing swimming destinations in Western Oklahoma. Moreover, it is the best place for swimmers across this region. They come here to enjoy the sandy beach and swimming area. This spot also offers grills, fire rings, and comfort stations with showers. Moreover, you can also enjoy boating, picnicking, and camping here.

7. Pennington Creek

Pennington Creek is a 15-acre beautiful park that offers stunning places for fun, beautiful picnic points, and swimming spots. This small swimming dam is extremely popular for swimming and boating, attracting many people across Oklahoma. Besides this, the swimming hole here offers a great location for cooling off the summer heat.

8. Travertine Creek

Travertine Creek, located in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, is an amazing outdoor swimming destination with stunning scenery. Above all, it is the best creek and a popular place to cool you in the harsh summer.

9. Illinois River

Illinois River is the best place for bathing, swimming, and jumping in Oklahoma. Most of the people come here to spend their vacation because of its beautiful location and cold water. Besides this, there are pizza and coffee shops which are best for visitors.

10. Bath Lake

Bath Lake, located at Medicine Park, is the perfect place for swimmers in Oklahoma. So, the Swimmers will find a shallow area for the kids and several cascading waterfalls. Therefore, it attracts a large number of visitors.


So, now is the time to pick up your bags to plan a trip to Oklahoma. It gives you ample opportunities to explore its best places to swim. These places will make your summer better.


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