10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Oregon

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The soaring summer with its long hot days poses a great challenge for the people in Oregon. All they need are the best swimming destinations to cool off on a hot summer’s day. There are certain swimming spots in Oregon, but here we come with the ten most amazing places for the people’s conveniences. The pristine water, hiking resorts, fishing, and cycling trails give you ample opportunities to enjoy your vacations. The detail about these top ten swimming spots will be highlighted separately.

1. Salmon Falls

In Oregon State, Salmon Falls is among those amazing places that offer a better escape from the summer heat. Its crystal clear water provides the best swimming holes for visitors across the state. Besides this, it offers you the opportunity of fishing and basking in the sun. What you need is to pack your luggage and visit this place. It will surely make your day beautiful.

2. Bobby Lake

Bobby Lake is a large lake that offers unprecedented swimming spots for visitors. During the hot summer days, most people make their ways towards it to lessen the heat. This nice sandy lake is also famous for its beautiful picnic points, fishing opportunities, kids’ playground, and camping.

3. Lakes at Jefferson Park

Lakes at Jefferson Park are the most beautiful swimming resorts in Oregon. Here are certain cold-water lakes such as Bays Lake, Scout lake, Rock Lake, Park Lake, and Russell Lake. You can find these places extremely beautiful and enjoyable during the summer. Here all the lakes are amazing, but Scout Lake is the best one. These places are the top spots for swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping.

4. Brice Creek Trail

Brice Creek Trail is one of Oregon’s most beautiful swimming spots. This trail serves as an amazing spot for swimming during summer for visitors across the state. Besides, it has a wide playground, trails for hiking, camping, a designated swimming area perfect for family fun, etc. Besides, there is a great area for mountain bikers and kayakers in the winter.

5. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Oregon. It is the most popular beach in Oregon because of its conveniences for visitors and swimmers like café, picnic points, and trails for cycling, hiking, and fishing. Moreover, this beach is liked by most of the people during summer to make their holiday enjoyable.

6. Nye Beech

Nye Beach is among the most famous beaches of Oregon. For more than a century, Nye Beach attracts visitors, swimmers, and tourists across North America. Moreover, the stunning ocean views, cold water holes, fishing resorts, beautiful playgrounds, and camping and hiking trails are worth noting characteristics of Nye Beach. So pick up your bags and head towards them to make your vacations memorable.

7. Secret Beach

Due to its clandestine nature, Secret Beach is stunningly beautiful, inspiring many visitors across the state. On this beach, there are waterfall, hiking trails, picnic points, and camping places. We picked it up for your comfort to enjoy hot summer days in this amazing area.

8. Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach, located on the far northern coast, is a coastal swimming spot with a unique ocean view in Portland’s proximity. It draws the attention of visitors throughout the year. This beautiful and cultural attraction offers ample activities like surfing, sun tanning, and a volleyball tournament. It has nearby hotels that provide delicious seafood, which become the biggest attraction for visitors.

9. Wilson River

Wilson River is a serene and calm spot for visitors. Therefore, it has become the most inviting stretches of river in the Pacific Northwest. When the heat of summer ratchets up, most people make their way here to lessen the burden of unbearable heat.

10. Wildwood Falls

Wildwood Falls, located in the Willamette Foothill, is one of the most popular swimming holes. Its deep pool, cold water, and sterling beauty attract visitors during summer to enjoy their hectic days. It is strongly recommended that you must visit these amazing swimming spots to make your day better.


Oregon is a beautiful place where you will have a great time swimming if you plan a trip. This summer, all you need is to plan a trip here to enjoy your summer.


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