10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, from the Allegheny and Pocono Mountains to the Dutch countryside. The lakes, beaches, rivers, and swimming holes are an important part of that memorable scenery. Pennsylvania has more than 2,500 lakes, rivers, and beaches throughout the state primed for boating, swimming, and fishing

However, we cannot discuss all of these amazing swimming destinations here. For that reason, we have taken the top ten best places to swim outdoors in Pennsylvania for you. A detailed description of all these places will be discussed below in this article.

1. Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park is the most beautiful place you visit during summer. The beach is extremely amazing, surrounded by a wide playground and a picnic pavilion. During the hot days of summer, most people make their way directly to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and camping in this beautiful spot.

2. Bald Eagle State Park

Bald Eagle State Park is located at 149 Main Park Rd., Howard, PA 16841. It is an extremely beautiful swimming spot in the state that attracts many visitors during the summer to minimize the burden of the heat. Parallel to this, this beach area has many other characteristics like a playground, changing rooms, and public bathrooms. So pack your bags and head towards these amazing swimming spots to make your days awesome.

3. Laurel Hill State Park

Laurel Hill State Park, located at 1454 Laurel Hill Park Rd., Somerset, PA 15501, is among the best outdoor swimming spots. In addition to this, it is liked by most of the people in the state because of its cool waters of the 63-acre Laurel Hill Lake and sandy beach. Besides this, you will find plenty of other things to do at the beach, including boating, kayaking, and canoeing.

4. Mt. Gretna Lake and  Beach

Mt. Gretna Lake and Beach are among the most famous lake and beaches, located at 130 Lakeview Dr., Lebanon, PA 17042, which greatly attract visitors, swimmers, and tourists across North America. Moreover, the stunning ocean views, cold water holes, fishing resorts, beautiful playgrounds and camping, and hiking trails are worth noting Mt. Gretna Lake and Beach’s characteristics.

5. Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake is a well-known lake by most people due to its old-fashioned amusement park. Above all, it offers a striking spring-fed lake and beach. Therefore, many people in the state visit this beautiful swimming spot to make their vacations memorable. Besides this, other popular activities on Conneaut Lake include water skiing, boating, and fishing.

6. Bald Eagle State Park, Centre County

The Bald State Park is a human-made lake surrounded by an eye-catching sandy beach. It is the most popular swimming destination ever visited by most of the people during the summer. The 1,200-foot sandy beach also features such amenities as a snack bar, restrooms, changing rooms, and a playground. Apart from this, here you choose hiking, swimming, boating, picnicking, hunting, fishing and staying the night to enjoy your days.

7. Poe Valley State Park, Penn

Poe Lake is an amazing human-made lake created during the Great Depression. Most people like this particular swimming spot for relaxing during the long hot days of summer. We have picked it up for your comfort to plan a trip to this stunning swimming destination this summer.

8. Harvey’s Lake

Our choice of selecting Harvey’s Lake is the prime witness of its popularity and beauty. Harvey’s lake is the largest naturally occurring lake that is contained entirely in the state of Pennsylvania. However, the beach leading to the lake is private. You need to plan a trip to this area to make your day memorable.

9. Lake Arthur

Lake Arthur, located at Moraine State Park, is a beautiful destination for visitors and hiking lovers. People like it because it offers ample fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, and playing. So, plan a trip to this spot to enjoy summer.

10. Lake Erie

Lake Erie is also among the top swimming destination in the state. It is popular with windsurfers, boaters, kayakers, swimmers, and anglers. It is frequently by most people during summer to lessen the heat.


Pennsylvania is the best spot for summer vacations by dint of its swimming spots, picnic points, hiking trails, and fishing destinations.


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