10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in South Carolina

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Unlike the other U.S. States, South Carolina is a wonderful state known for its rich history and attractions. Besides this, it is also home to magnificent beaches, beautiful rivers, amazing lakes, and unforgettable destinations for visitors across the state. It will not be wrong to say that South Carolina’s coastline boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the USA.

Therefore, its beautiful beaches, splendid swimming holes, amazing rivers, and sterling lakes attract many tourists throughout the USA to explore its beauty and amazing places. The detail about those top 10 swimming spots will be discussed one by one below in this article.

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is the most popular beach and swimming destination in South Carolina. It always attracts most visitors during summer because of its many family-friendly tourist attractions, beachfront resorts, and different entertainment opportunities. Therefore, it is believed that those who once visit this magnificent destination will keep coming back to spend the hot summer’s days.

2. Coligny Beach Park

Coligny Beach Park is an amazing swimming spot for tourists and the local people during the summer season. Many people like this beach because of its attractive public garden with great facilities, including change areas and comfortable swing seats. So what you need is to plan a trip to spend your summer here.

3. Paris Mountain State Park

Paris Mountain State Park is the most popular swimming destination for visitors across the state. It has a wide swimming area surrounded by a beautiful playground. This place is perfect for those who want to have fun and swimming for longer hours.

4. Wildcat Creek Falls

Wildcat Creek Falls, situated in Wildcat Wayside State Park, is the most beautiful place to swim and hike. The lower falls are good for families and small children. The top can be pretty difficult to get to but is worth the effort. Therefore, it attracts many people during summer who want to lessen the heat.

5. Reedy Cove Creek

Reedy Cove Creek is located in Greenville County, just north of Table Rock State Park, a large swimming spot for diverse visitors and tourists because of its historical and beautiful natural landscape. The actual location is pretty shallow, but you will see a very deep, beautiful swimming hole just before you get there on the trail. This summer, you must plan a trip to this shallow swimming hole to make your day worth remembered.

6. Todd Creek Falls

Todd Creek Falls is a beautiful swimming spot with a wonderful sized pool of water at the bottom of the falls for a good swim. There are also some amazing destinations to enter the water instead of jumping in gradually.

7. Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach is the most popular beach in South Carolina. It has a distinctive charm that makes it particularly attractive for tourists across the state. Besides this, here you have the opportunity of fishing, boating, and swimming. Your trip to this area will make your day beautiful.

8. Family Beach, Surfside

Family Beach is a pleasant destination for tourists across the state. It is often referred to as Family Beach for those who want to travel with their families. Lifeguards regularly attend the beach to make swimming is safe to avoid any kind of mishap.

9. Litchfield Beach

Litchfield Beach is another great destination for swimming in the state. Many people like this beautiful spot because of its pristine water, boating resort, beautiful playground, and fishing opportunities.

10. Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is an amazing outdoor swimming destination that offers an excellent beach experience. It also offers ample opportunities for fun for visitors. Drawing upwards of a million visitors each year, it’s also one of the most popular attractions in the state, not just for the sea, sand, and sun, but for things like its diverse wildlife. So plan a trip to this beautiful spot to make your summer beautiful.


Don’t forget to plan a trip to these remarkable places mentioned above in South Carolina this summer. The places we mentioned above are the top swimming spots in the state. All you need is to have a trip there because they will add more fun and enjoyment to your summer and give you a memorable experience.


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