10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Vermont

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This post will introduce the classic, mesmerizing swimming holes in Vermont that will definitely steal your heart. And that is what swimming is all about; it is not a chore, rather it is a fun activity where you can rid yourself of all the toxicity and exhaustion.

Vermont is filled with many fun places where you can live through the best and most awesome swimming experience ever. So, have you packed your bathing suit and sunscreen yet? If you haven’t, hurry and pack your bag because you will one place out of the following this summer!

1. Devil’s Gorge

The name may sound a little intimidating, but no worries, because the place is just as charming and gorgeous. The rocky shore and mountains covered with thick, lush green trees make this a sweet swimming spot. But you might have to work a little hard to enjoy the rewards. After a few hours of debilitating hike, you get to swim in pristine, cool water.

2. Buttermilk Falls

This place has no true relevance to its name, but we can say that it is stunning, just like its unique name. There are three individual falls in separate channels that combine to form a mecca of pools. This, you can say, is the epicenter of relaxation. The pools are secluded, and you can choose your private spot.

3. No Name Hole

Vermont is filled with places with eccentric names, but maybe that is the beauty of it. If you are a diehard fan of beautiful waterfalls with rocks that slide you into the water pools, then you may not find a place more perfect than this. The pool is large, so you have sufficient room to swim away, but it isn’t too deep, so you don’t get carried away.

4. Pike Falls

This is the exact spot where you would love swimming. The real challenge would be to swim at the bottom of this as it is a surprisingly large pool. But you wouldn’t want to spend your vacations anywhere else because the outdoor activities conducted here are truly remarkable. Don’t be shy while trying something out of your comfort zone. Vermont is all about challenging yourself!

5. Warren Falls

Without a doubt, this place is one of the best and most attractive swimming holes in Vermont. Now the word “attractive” may confuse you a bit, but there is no better way to encapsulate this place’s beauty. Turquoise, clear, and clean water promises a comforting and relaxing swim.

6. Lareau Swimming Hole

This spot is possibly one of the most well-maintained and managed swimming holes. You will not see any sort of unnecessary people and facilities around. This place is clean, and everything is well organized. You can bring your whole family here and make a swimming day out of it. The sandy beaches and calming air are practically calling you.

7. Cavendish Gorge

Some people are looking for a swimming spot that is slightly off the beaten path. If that is kind of your thing, then this is the place you must visit. You can marvel at the view where this Black River feeds the dam and falls through this private gorge. You have a lot to explore here as every sight here is worth seeing.

8. McCormack’s Quarry

You may have some trouble with entering this place because it is located on private property, but if you try to get permission, you will not regret it. This place is like a little chunk of heaven on earth. The water is just the right temperature, and the scenic scenery around makes the area brighter and more beautiful.

9. Waitsfield Covered Bridge

Who doesn’t love a dive from the top of the bridge? Well, if you are that daring, then you must hop on this bridge and have an experience of a lifetime. This swimming hole is covered with a beautiful bridge, and you can swim under it as it offers shade and privacy.

10. Cady Falls

This place is like a giant cave. The opening is through a stone wall, which adds a unique effect. There is also the view of water falling through a corner. So, if you are a dip-person, then you must come here for swimming.


When it comes to describing the swimming holes in Vermont, the only word that comes to mind is epic, and that is what your swimming experience will be. So, get ready to fall in love with this place, because you aren’t just going swimming but for creating new memories.


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