10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Virginia

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You must have been to many different pools in all of your life; some might be super fancy like infinity pools; others may be in the backyard of your friends’ house. But have you ever really found a peaceful and relaxing swimming pool, where you could connect with nature and bathe like the good old times?

If this is the unique experience you are craving, we may have something in the bag. We have picked up our favorite swimming spots in Virginia, and trust us that it was challenging to pick out just a handful from an ocean of options. So, prepare your swimming bag, because this summer you are going to Virginia.

1. Goshen Pass

This place is well known for its hiking and its fishing. So, if you want an all-rounder where you could enjoy these activities too, then now you know where to go. Many people just come here for a dive or a dip in the pool for a refreshing and calming experience. There are plenty of access points, so you can easily jump in into the beautiful stretch and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

2. Blue Hole

This place is, without a doubt, a remote swimming hole in Virginia. It isn’t easy to access it compared to the rest, so you might have to put in a little extra effort. But once you, you can reap great rewards. The place is secluded, and it doesn’t invite an unnecessary crowd. This place is a hidden gem of swimming spots, so make sure you do visit it.

3. Big Falls

These beautiful falls are located on the Cedar River and are fed with fresh, clean water that can remove all of your exhaustion and worry. Though the 3.9-miles long hike may discourage you, in the end, one of the most serene places awaits you.

4. White Oak Canyon Falls

This is definitely one of the crown jewels. The water and the view go so perfectly hand in hand that you would refuse to come out of the waters.

5. Whitetop Laurel Creek

Swimmers will be delighted to see such a beautiful swim spot. The rocky cliffs surrounding the pool, green forests around, and clear blue sky and bright sunshine. A swimming experience cannot be perfected anymore than this. You must be tough enough to deal with the brisk air; the refreshing water will wear off all the worry and tension off of you. This is going to be your new hideaway.

6. Dunlap Creek

Not many people have visited this place or know what this is. But if you have had the pleasure of seeing the unmatched beauty of this historical place, then you probably have seen everything. This fantastic swimming spot is raw and original. There is the minimum intervention of people, so not many changes are made to it. This is the closest you could get to nature via swimming.

7. Pony Pasture

The rapids of this spot are known for their scenic views and most serene sunsets. This outdoor swimming destination feels like a slice of heaven. It is so peaceful and calming that the moment you breathe in the air here, you could practically feel all the toxicity and worry leaving your system. This place is highly popular among kayakers, swimmers, and sunbathers.

8. Nottoway Falls

This place truly is a priceless gem in the treasure of swimming holes in Virginia. It is located on a reservoir, so the water here is crystal clear and quite cool. You can easily beat the heat this summer by going for a refreshing swim here. The water is ideal for a dip even though the falls are human-made. The slides are made from rocks, but they are super smooth and so much fun!

9. Falls Of Dismal

Don’t judge this waterway by its name. This 40-foot long waterfall is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Virginia. The dominating turquoise of water greatly compliments the dull shades of rocks and lush green trees in the back. There is also a relaxing spot under the shade of a forest canopy.

10. Devil’s Bathtub

Do not be scared by the name, as there is no horrifying connotation attached to the name. This place is simply a popular swimming spot. It is so gorgeous that people travel from other states just for a photoshoot.


Virginia is like a dream location for swimmers. With a large variety of swimming holes, this place has become like a hub. So, book your swimming destination soon and flow with the refreshing water of Virginia!


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