10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Washington

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Sometimes it seems too lonely and just not right when you are swimming in your pools at home or a friend’s house overlooking a hill. Sometimes you need to explore swimming spots outdoors and connect with nature. And what better place than Washington to search for beautiful swimming holes.

Now Washington is not all about politics and the White House. But here are some awesome swimming destinations where you can swim in peace and fall in love with the unmatched beauty and life of nature. So, are you ready to find out where you will head off to this summer?

1. Denny-Blaine Park

If you are looking for a luxurious swimming experience, and want to swim like a billionaire, then this is a spot you must visit. The beautiful view, fresh green grass, clear blue sky, a pier, and a vintage deck all show a thumbs up to this. This a spot that you have to visit, even if you decide not to swim here.

2. Marsh Park

This is a waterfront park that is quiet and more secluded. Though the place may seem vast to you, people seldom come here. This way you can have all the pool to yourself, and you can enjoy the refreshing waters all by yourself. There is an attached area that is perfect for sunbathing, picnicking, and watching boats pass by.

3. Battle Ground Lake

You would never be able to guess, in a million years, where this park is located. Once you fall madly in love with the serenity and beauty of this place, it becomes really hard to believe that it is found in a volcanic crater. Though the volcano is mute and pretty much dead so you can explore this fascinating area over the hike.

4. Dougan Creek Falls

Many different but equally beautiful and clear waterfalls converge into a common spot that is so serene and calm that you will hardly believe it is the end of a waterfall. This entire creek slides around 12 feet into the amazing little pool. You can bathe beneath the waterfall or just lay in the pool and capture the view of the broad sky.

5. Douglas Falls Campground

This place is a highly well-maintained, well organized, and managed place. You wouldn’t see any unnecessary items of litter around. All essential facilities required are nearby so you can enjoy a comfortable swim. There is also a place to set up camp so that you can make arrangements for yourself and your friends after a swim.

6. Bear Lake

This place is located near Spokane and Highway. It is found in Bear Lake County Park. Try to make a plan to visit this gorgeous place on the weekend and enjoy it fully. From water sports to other various activities, you can enjoy swimming and a lot more. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest of thick, tall trees, all that is lush green.

7. Palouse Falls

This swimming spot is one of the most popular ones in Washington. If you decide to visit this place, you wouldn’t be surprised about why people are crazy about it. It is like a hidden gem; the waterfall is quite large and is at a great height. The water falling is completely clear, clean, and cool. Nearby are cliffs and thick forests that add color and weight to the view.

8. Eagle Falls

Try to google a picture of Eagle Falls and then decide for yourself if you must visit this place or not. You will book a ticket now, that is how sure we are. This swimming spot has a deep pool, but don’t worry; it is quite nice. The view is gorgeous, and the water is very refreshing. This place is super popular in the summers.

9. Boulder Beach Park

This place cannot be described in words, so you are just going to have to trust us on this. You may not possibly find a better place to swim in Washington if all you love is a good view. This well-loved swimming hole is one of the most beautiful places in all of Washington.

10. Little Spokane River

There is a golf course near this place so you can enjoy some sports after swimming. The water here is refreshing and super cool, and the view is truly mesmerizing.


The places that we discussed above are just a handful; there are so many more Washington places that are worth your time and attention. So, don’t just drive up to Washington to see the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument; take time out to praise the epic swimming holes here.


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