10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Wyoming

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Wyoming is not a very famous state. It is not as fancy as New York, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, or California. That’s why tourists do not visit here often. You will hardly find few good places to cool off across Wyoming. However, it does not mean that this state does not have enough spots for the swimmers.

In this article, we have picked up the ten best places to swim outdoors for you. These spots are discussed in the following paragraphs. So, let’s study about them and know where you should head towards this summer.

1. Firehole River

The Firehole River is located in Yellowstone National Park. This spot is known for its beauty, which makes it a great attraction for the locals here. Green beautiful trees surround it. You can play in the cool water here and relax to escape the heat. It also has a family-friendly environment, that’s why people love taking their kids here, especially during a hot summer day.

2. Leigh Lake

Leigh Lake is situated in Grand Tenton National Park. This lake is famous for its breathtaking views, which make it a hidden treasure for nature lovers. It is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in the state. The water here is often cold due to its glacier water. This makes it a perfect swimming location, especially during hot summer days.

3. North Platte River

North Platte River is near Saratoga Hot Springs. People often visit here during summer to dip in the water. It has various spots around the river. The water here is cool but not too cold, which is great for water enthusiasts. However, the river is not equipped with a good beach. So, you have to find out a spot to relax.

4. Glendo State Park

Glendo State Park is equipped with a sandy beach with a length of 2 miles. You will find various opportunities to enjoy, including swimming, picnicking at the picnic area here, fishing, water-skiing, boating, and much more. Moreover, it also offers great camping spots. So, you can also plan a longer stay here and enjoy each activity here.

5. Lake DeSmet

Lake DeSmet is located in the northern region of Buffalo. It has an amazing shoreline and a great spot to spend your day. This lake is great for swimmers. You will not find it overcrowded often which is a bonus of coming here. Just pack up your lunch and head towards this amazing location.

6. Fremont Lake

Located to the north of Pinedale, Fremont Lake is one of the Bridger Teton National Forest lakes. It is ranked second among the largest lakes in Wyoming. This natural lake is home to sandy beaches and picnic areas on its southeast shore. You will also find a specific beach for the swimmers, canoers, sailors, and much more. If you ever feel exhausted by the heat, plan a trip here and enjoy in its cool water.

7. Keyhole Reservoir

The Keyhole Reservoir is in Moorcroft inside Keyhole State Park. This splendid reservoir has occupied an area of around 9000 acres. So, no matter if you want to plan a trip during peak season, you will always find a spot for yourself due to its large size. Moreover, it also has a shoreline of 53 miles, perfect for laying down after swimming.

8. Greys River

Though Greys River is known for its amazing fishing opportunities, people also come here for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and rafting. Additionally, for those looking for other activities, the Greys River also offers hiking, hunting, and horseback riding. So, if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy swimming and all other activities, the Greys River is the place.

9. String Lake

If you are searching for a place where you also enjoy natural sceneries along with swimming, then String Lake is a must-visit spot for you. This lake has very calm and clear water. It is surrounded by mountains and trees, which adds more to its beauty. It is a famous spot for adventurous swimmers who prefer swimming in naturally equipped spots.

10. Gros Ventre River

The Gros Ventre River is a well-known spot for anglers. People often visit here for fly fishing. However, that’s not the only water activity you will find here. It is also an amazing place for swimming and enjoying other water activities.


So, if you have not visited Wyoming before, plan a trip this summer, including the spots mentioned above in your list, and have a memorable vacation.


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