5 Best Portable Chargers For Boats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Charging batteries and other electrical items while on a boat is an important part of fully functioning boating. There are a variety of battery powered items which are frequently used and therefore require regular charging to ensure that they can be used when required. Portable chargers provide a convenient way of charging and don’t take up too much space on the boat.

Best Portable Chargers for Boats

Here are our portable chargers for boats reviews.

1. IMUTO Power Bank Portable Charger

Imuto Power Bank Portable Charger

The IMUTO Power Bank Portable Charger is a premium portable charger ideal for boats. This charger has a large capacity and is compatible with the large majority of electric items. It also comes with an 18 month warranty.

  • High speed USB power delivery
  • Comes with travel waterproof pouch
  • Remaining power shown in digital format
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2. Halo Bolt 58830 mwh Portable Charger

Halo Bolt 58830 Mwh Portable Charger

The Halo Bolt 58830 mwh Portable Charger is a smartly designed, robust portable charger for boats. It is a universal phone and laptop charger. This portable charger has more than enough power to jump start a boat.

  • LED flood light, jump starter and cables included
  • 2x USB charger
  • Variety of designs available
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3. Xooparc Portable Charger Power Bank

Xooparc Portable Charger Power Bank

The Xooparc Portable charger is a great deal on an efficient portable charger for a boat. This charger has a durable solid design. It is made from stylish black-grey smooth plastic and fully charges in just 8 hours making it ideal for overnight charging.

  • 26800mah power
  • LED remaining power indicator
  • Improved safety technology
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4. Halo Bolt 57720 mWh Portable Charger

Halo Bolt 57720 Mwh Portable Charger

The Halo Bolt 57720 mWh Portable Charger is a powerful portable charger with a quirky design. This charger is not overly pricey and boasts compatibility with all major electronic appliance brands. The charger is available in a variety of styles including paisley.

  • All in one car emergency kit
  • Universal phone charger
  • Enough power to jump start a boat
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5. RAVpower Portable Charger

Ravpower Portable Charger

The RAVpower Portable Charger is a reliable and affordable option when it comes to portable chargers for boats. This unit employs intelligent controlling IC and Ismart technology to give an very fast charge to devices.

  • Digital LED Light Display
  • 30W total power
  • Tri-output
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Portable Chargers for Boats Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a portable charger is an important investment for a boat owner.  Prices are not too high, usually around the $80 mark.  While the price may seem quite low, a good portable charger is well worth investing in.  A portable charger is not a required piece of equipment on a boat, but if the boat needs to be jump started or if important battery powered equipment needs charging it is essential.

Our buying guide reviews the best portable chargers on the market so you can choose the right portable charger for your boat.   The following features are included on most portable chargers and will help you to choose which features you need on a portable charger for your boat.


Portable chargers are made of corrosion-resistant materials because they are installed at the bow of the boat where they may be exposed to and sea spray.  Common materials include durable plastics and lightweight metals.  Be sure to buy a portable charger that is made of high-quality materials for a long service life.


Boat portable chargers are used to charge the batteries onboard a boat, therefore they need to give out certain amounts of power. Many chargers will give out 12v of power, whilst being compatible with 6v batteries also. Chargers which feature a dual design are capable of charging two batteries at once and therefore require more power.


Portable chargers should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your portable charger in no time.

Safety Features

Portable chargers should be fitted with certain safety protection features. These features include reverse polarity, spark-proof technology, thermal protection, ignition protection and protection from over charging. These features ultimately ensure that the portable charger is as safe as possible and minimize the risk of anything going wrong.