5 Best Propeller Hub Kits (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Propellers are devices which operate by forming spirals and creating force, therefore maneuvering a boat through the water. They have radiating blades and a rotating hub, converting the power of rotation into linear movement by acting upon the water. Propeller hub kits are an integral part of a propeller, providing connection and protection to the propeller system.

Best Propeller Hub Kits

Here are our propeller hub kit reviews

1. Quicksilver 835271Q2 Flo-Torq II Hub Kit

Quicksilver 835271q2 Flo Torq Ii Hub Kit

The Quicksilver 835271Q2 Flo-Torq II Hub Kit is a good value hub kit.  This kit is for use with 115 and 130 HP outboards from 1984 onwards. It is built to cushion and protect the drive train from most impact encounters.

  • Improves performance of propeller system
  • Suspension technology provides support
  • Durable and field serviceable
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2. Quicksilver 835257Q1 Hub Kit

Quicksilver 835257q1 Hub Kit

The Quicksilver 835257Q1 Hub Kit is a premium hub kit. This is the first modular hub system for outboard and stern drive engines. The hub kit is field serviceable to avoid losing time on the water waiting for replacement.

  • Best value and performance in its class
  • Compatible with most outboard engines
  • Flo-Torq hub system cushions and provides support
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3. Turning Point 11500500 Hustler Hub – 505

Turning Point 11500500 Hustler Hub 505

The Turning Point 11500500 Hustler Hub – 505 is a reliable and solid propeller hub kit. This hub kit is made to reduce shock and drive damage, therefore providing long term protection to preserve the propeller system.

  • Eliminates spun hubs
  • Corrosion resistant brass splines
  • Minimizes propeller vibration & chatter
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4. A.A Propeller Hub Kit II

A.a Propeller Hub Kit Ii

The A.A Propeller Hub Kit II is a highly compatible propeller hub kit which combines quality materials with an easy to install design. This propeller hub kit meets or exceeds OEM specifications making it a reliable choice.

  • Fits a large number of motors
  • Made from corrosion resistant metals
  • Straightforward application
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5. Southmarine 835257Q1 Flo-Torq II Hub Kit

Southmarine 835257q1 Flo Torq Ii Hub Kit

The Southmarine 835257Q1 Flo-Torq II Hub Kit is a complete propeller hub kit which provides optimal cushion and support to the propeller system. This kit is made from durable metals and fits 75HP – 125 HP motors.

  • Contains forward thrust washer and tab washer
  • Corrosion resistant drive sleeve for extra support
  • Highly compatible
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Propeller Hub Kit Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a propeller hub kit is an important investment for a boat owner looking to improve their boats efficiency.  Prices are not too expensive, typically around $20-$40.  While the price may seem low, a good propeller hub kit is still an important purchase.  A propeller hub kit may not be a required piece of equipment on a boat, but on most boats if a propeller is required, a propeller hub kit allows the motor to be adjusted and maintained for convenience.

Our buying guide reviews the best propeller hub kites on the market so you can choose the right propeller hub kit for your boat. The following features are included on most propeller hub kites and will help you to choose which features suit your boating needs.

Size Compatibility

The compatibility of propeller hub kites will determine whether they will be suitable for your motor or boat. Look out for the maximum weight compatibility to check it lines up with your requirements. Also, some propeller hub kites are compatible with certain sized propellers so this is worth checking.


Stainless steel is a high quality material renowned for its exceptional durability. A propeller needs to be durable and resistant to damage, so metals such as galvanized metals are great for providing that. The blades on the propeller hub kit also need to be strong and resistant to potential abrasion, so high quality steel is often used.

Ease of Installation

Propeller hub kites should ideally be quick and easy to use and install. Look for one which lightweight and durable as this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your propeller hub kit in no time.


To ensure that a propeller hub kit will withstand the inevitable wear and tear of boating, check that the materials used provide enough suspension and cushioning to support the system. This will avoid needing to replace the kit prematurely.