5 Best Propeller Shafts (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Propellers are devices which operate by forming spirals and creating force, therefore maneuvering a boat through the water. They have radiating blades and a rotating hub, converting the power of rotation into linear movement by acting upon the water. Propeller shafts are an integral part of a propeller, providing support and allowing for full rotation.

Best Propeller Shafts

Here are our propeller shaft reviews.

1. Propeller Shaft Febest ASSSZ-PSJB420

Propeller Shaft Febest Asssz Psjb420

The Propeller Shaft Febest ASSSZ-PSJB420 is a propeller shaft of exceptional quality.  This shaft contains metal which is subject to an expansive heat treatment process that improves the overall strength of the and performance.

  • Uses high quality rubber
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • High quality synthetic lubricant
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2. Complete Rear Drive Shaft Assembly Propeller Drive

Complete Rear Drive Shaft Assembly Propeller Drive

The Complete Read Drive Shaft Assembly Propeller Drive is a durable propeller shaft. This piece of equipment is specifically designed to avoid vibration.  It will provide high quality support and bearing for a propeller.

  • Direct fit product matches or surpasses OEM quality
  • Auto/Manual transmission
  • Computer balanced at 3500 RPM
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3. Talboys 150L Propeller Shaft

Talboys 150l Propeller Shaft

The Talboys 150L Propeller Shaft is a high-strength, affordable propeller shaft.  This shaft combines durability and easy use, for quick and efficient installation. It require very little maintenance because of the quality materials used.

  • 2” Blade Diameter
  • Stainless steel composition
  • 150L propeller shaft
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4. Detroit Axle: Complete Driveshaft Propeller Shaft

Detroit Axle Complete Driveshaft Propeller Shaft

The Detroit Axle: Complete Driveshaft Propeller Shaft is a great quality shaft which will provide maximum reinforcement to a propeller. This piece of equipment comes with a ten year warranty and is tested to ensure consistency and reliability.

  • Complete front drive shaft or prop shaft assembly
  • Anti-corrosion materials
  • Includes carrier bearing
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5. Tuningsworld 2500 Propeller Shaft

Tuningsworld 2500 Propeller Shaft

The 2500 Propeller Shaft is an extendable propeller shaft which is built for durability and strength. It is made to provide absolute support for a propeller. This shaft is built to last and promises longevity.

  • Versatile OEM compatibility
  • 6 Speed auto trans
  • Extends to 34 ½”
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Propeller Shaft Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a propeller shaft is an important investment for a boat owner looking to improve their boats efficiency.  Propeller shafts can be perceived as fairly expensive, as prices are typically near or over $150.  While the price may seem high, a good propeller shaft is worth the cost.  A propeller shaft may not be a required piece of equipment on a boat, but on most boats a propeller is required, and a propeller shaft allows the motor to be adjusted vertically for convenience.

Our buying guide reviews the best propeller shafts on the market so you can choose the right propeller shaft for your boat. The following features are included on most propeller shafts and will help you to choose which features suit your boating needs.


Propeller shafts should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your propeller shaft in no time.


Stainless steel is a high quality material renowned for its exceptional durability. A propeller shaft needs to be durable and resistant to damage, so metals such as stainless steel are great for providing that. The propeller shaft also needs to be strong and resistant to potential abrasion, so high quality steel is often used.


The compatibility of propeller shafts will determine whether they will be suitable for your boat. Look out for the maximum weight compatibility to check it lines up with your requirements. Also, some propeller shafts can handle outboard motors up to certain sizes but some are much less capable – so this needs to be verified also.


The purpose of a propeller shaft is to provide support to the propeller system. Therefore the design and strength of the shaft is of great importance.