5 Best Pull Buoys (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The pull buoy is a must-have water accessory for both novice and veteran swimmers. For anyone who wants to take the relaxing yet, strengthening action of swimming up a notch, the pull buoy is a great gadget to train the core and upper body and not just the ankles and thighs.

As an athlete, training with a pull buoy renders the lower body immobile ensuring focus is on the upper body to give it stamina, stability, and strength.

Best Pull Buoys

Below we take you through a list of our top five pull buoys and help you make the right choice asap!

1. Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid

Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid

The Speedo Team Buoy Training Aid is a top of the line product, made from soft, highly buoyant, and durable EVA foam that is skin-friendly and itch-free. It is designed to elevate the thighs and legs, enabling an excellent streamlined body position that emphasizes upper body strokes, rotation, and techniques. It is suitable for the newbie, intermediate, or expert swimmer and helps keep the legs in place without a ring.

  • Has opening and closing valves
  • Enhances the proper positioning of the hips and legs
  • Features soft and durable foam material
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2. FINIS Foam Pull Buoy

Finis Foam Pull Buoy

The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy is designed to emphasize the development of the upper body strength, correct form, and proper alignment during your water workout, and comes in a wide range of different sizes. Its unique design keeps the legs immobilized, ensuring you use only your core and upper body to do your magic. It is made from lightweight, durable, and itch-free material for swimming comfort.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Improves upper body techniques, stamina, and hip rotation
  • Built for comfort
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3. TYR Pull Float USA

Tyr Pull Float Usa

The TYR Pull Float USA is recommended for swimmers at all levels and comes in different sizes and colors. It is a six-inch (6”) long durable foam that perfectly fits swimmers of different heights and sizes. It isolates the legs during training and directs energy and focus to the upper body strength.  It is made from the best materials and is reliable to give you an edge in all your water workouts. It is highly adaptable to both professionals and recreational swimmers.

  • Made from durable, high-quality material
  • Great for both the novice and professional swimmer
  • Builds strength with every stroke and improves the arm techniques
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4. Sunlite Sports 9.5” EVA 5- Layer Pull Buoy Leg Float

Sunlite Sports 9.5 Eva 5 Layer Pull Buoy Leg Float Pool Training Aid, Legs And Hips Support For

The Sunlite Sports 9.5” EVA 5- Layer Pull Buoy is eco-friendly, is designed for minimal water absorption, and assures you of durability. It is highly buoyant and keeps the legs locked to focus energy on training the shoulder, arms, and upper body in general.

  • Yields excellent body balance
  • Is highly reusable and eco-friendly
  • Low-density material for high buoyancy for effortless floatation
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5. Swim Research Pull Buoy

Swim Training Aid Pull Buoy For Upper Body Strength And Aquatic Water Exercise – Swimming Pool Equip

The Swim Research Training Aid Pull Buoy comes with fluffy, comfortable, and thick EVA foam that floats effortlessly. It helps keep the swimmer’s focus on building the upper body, vigor, and hand skills, and less on the natural leg motions or kicks. It is available in different sizes and comes in two primary colors.

  • Comfy, water-resistant material
  • Available in junior and senior sizes
  • Bright colors for impressive visibility
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Pull Buoy Buying Guide

Pull buoys come in different sizes and different materials. Whether as a novice or professional swimmer, this water accessory is excellent for improving upper body strength and swimming techniques.

As a buyer, choosing a pull buoy requires you to put some factors we will now look at, into consideration.

Our buying guide reviews the best pull buoys on the market and brings you to terms with the knowledge you need to ensure you end up with the best product your money can buy. Rest assured, if you read through, you will find the right match to suit your swimming needs.


The pull buoy size is the first consideration to make as it directly affects comfort and effectiveness. A small pull buoy can be a nightmare that will likely leave you frustrated. Buoyant (thick and full) pull buoys are the ideal choice for bigger people to keep the legs afloat during training properly.

In the same vein, smaller people should go for smaller pull buoys to ensure effectiveness and quality of use. For junior swimmers (children), a small-sized pull buoy will do just fine.

Design and Shape

Pull buoys are majorly used in-between the thighs and can take an infinite contour profile. When picking out a pull buoy, go for one that is well curved to accommodate the shape of the leg and keep it locked.

The shape of the pull buoy as an extension of the size will determine your comfort level. The right pull buoy should stay in place between your legs without any extra effort.

Component Material

The ideal pull buoy should combine low weight, a soft feel, and durability for long service life. It should be highly buoyant and keep your body in the ideal streamlined position.

EVA foam is an excellent material to look out for as it ensures comfort and a good grip with your legs. It is also highly durable and will be with you season after season.