5 Best Rash Guards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Surfing and bodyboarding are highly popular activities which millions of people around the world partake in. Certain items of equipment help to make these sports easier and more comfortable for people. One of these is a rash guard, which is an item of clothing that prevents the salt water, sun and sand from aggravating skin.

Best Rash Guards

Here are our rash guard reviews.

1. OMGear Rash Guard Swim Shirt

Omgear Rash Guard Swim Shirt Sun Block Short Long Sleeve Surf Tee Swimsuit Top

The OMGear Rash Guard Swim Shirt is a vest available in six colored designs. This rash guard is made from sun resistant material to protect skin from the sun’s rays. It is quick to dry and breathable, making it kind to skin.

  • 88% polysester and 12 % spandex
  • Sewn by four needles for durability
  • Smooth and flexible
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2. HUGE SPORTS Men’s Splice UV Sun Protection Rash Guard

Huge Sports Men's Splice Uv Sun Protection Upf 50+ Skins Rash Guard Long Sleeves

The HUGE SPORTS Men’s Splice UV Sun Protection Rash Guard is an affordable, quality rash guard available in a huge variety of designs and colors. This rash guard is suitable for athletic and recreational outdoor activities including water sports.

  • 80% nylon 20% spandex
  • Breathable fabric
  • Temperature balancing
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3. BPS Men’s UPF 50 Rash Guard

Bps Men's Upf 50+ Short Sleeve And Long Sleeve Swim Shirt Rash Guard With Sun Protection

The BPS Men’s UPF 50 Rash guard is a stylish rash guard made from the highest quality materials. This product is available in many designs and colors. It is designed by an experienced surfer who desired a relaxed fitting rash guard for added comfort.

  • Short or long sleeve available
  • Tailored with minimal seam placement
  • Light and comfortable
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4. BALEAF Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard

Baleaf Men's Basic Long Sleeve Rashguard Uv Sun Protection Athletic Swim Shirt Upf 50+

The BALEAD Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard is a premium, quick drying product. It is made from breathable, high quality 4-way fabric which is designed to be kind to the skin. This item is available in many sizes, designs and colors.

  • 80 % nylon and 20 % Spandex
  • UPF 50 sun block
  • Flat-lock stitching and stand-up crew neck minimize chafing
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5. Kanu Surf Women’s Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50 Rash Guard

Kanu Surf Women's Keri Long Sleeve Upf 50+ Rashguard

The Kanu Suft Women’s Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50 Rash Guard is a quality rash guard especially for females. This product has a long raglan sleeve design featuring banded crew neckline and contrast logo screenprint.

  • 87 % polyester and 13% spandex
  • Machine washable
  • UPF 50 rating to block sun’s harmful rays
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Rash Guard Buyer’s Guide

A rash guard is a valuable purchase for anyone involved in outdoor sports or activities. Prices generally vary from $10-$30 so these items are not especially expensive. This doesn’t mean they should be overlooked though, as a good rash guard can help to protect your skin from the sun and from coming into contact with potential aggravators.

Our buying guide reviews the best rash guards on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right rash guard for your needs.  The following are common details to consider which feature on most rash guards and will help you to choose the perfect one for you.

Design & Fit

Like with any outdoor sport clothing, a ras guard needs to fit a person well or it will be uncomfortable and cause chafing. Some of these items are specially manufactured to be tight fitting to provide absolute protection and warmth to the skin. It is therefore important to ensure that the size is correnct to make the rash guard a comfortably fitting as possible.


The materials used to make rash guards need to be kind and gentle to the skin, while also tough enough to cope with the rigors of outdoor activity. Polyester and spandex combinations are commonly used for this purpose because these materials provide soft comfort and durability.

Sun Protection

A feature to look out for when considering rash guards is the UPF rating, which signifies how effective the item of clothing is at blocking the sun’s harmful rays and protecting the skin. When outdoor, especially on the beach, it is very easy to forget to protect our skin from the sun and so this feature can be particularly useful.


If you intent to wear your rash guard on the beach or around water it might be a good idea to purchase one which dries quickly so you can re-use it in not time if it gets wet.