5 Best River and Lake Anchors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Anchoring a kayak or inflatable boat is of great importance when out on a river or lake. A river and lake anchor is designed to store compactly to avoid an inflatable being punctured by it. The flukes on a river and lake anchor make it easier to anchor in the muddy conditions of rivers or bottom lakes.

Best River and Lake Anchors

Here are our river and lake anchor reviews.

1. Extreme Max 3006.6560 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated River Anchor

Extreme Max 3006.6560 Boattector Vinyl Coated River Anchor, 30 Lbs.

The Extreme Max 3006.6560 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated River Anchor is a great deal on an efficient anchor for use in rivers and lakes with fast currents and drift areas. The anchor works on all types of surfaces found in rivers and lakes.

  • Weighs 30lbs for secure anchoring
  • Uses a combination of weigh and flukes for strong hold
  • UV resistant vinyl-coated
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2. SeaSense Vinyl Coated River Anchor 

Seasense Vinyl Coated River Anchor (black, 12 Lb)

The SeaSense Vinyl Coated River Anchor is a small anchor perfect for light fishing boats in a river or lake. The anchor is easy to store due to its efficient size. It is a high quality anchor at a reasonable price.

  • 12lbs in weight
  • Cast iron black vinyl coating to protect the boat from damage
  • Great for pontoons and bass boats
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3. Camco 50099 River Anchor PVC Coated

Camco 50099 18 Lb River Anchor Pvc Coated

The Camco River Anchor PVC Coated is ideal for pontoon and bass boats. This anchor is of medium size, combining weight and mobility. It easily anchors boats in both mud bottom lakes and rivers.

  • 18lbs in weight
  • PVC coated to protect boat from scratches
  • Corrosion and rust resistant material for long term durability
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4. Danielson Mushroom Pe Coat Anchor

Danielson Mushroom Pe Coat Anchor

The Danielson Mushroom Pe Coat Anchor comes in three different weights depending on your boat size. Its circular mushroom cup design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical in weeds and muddy terrain.

  • Available in weights of 8, 10 and 15lbs
  • Vinyl Coated for rust and abrasion prevention
  • An economical anchor for lightweight boats
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5. Danielson River PVC Coat Anchor

Danielson River Pvc Coat Anchor

The Danielson River PVC Coat Anchor is a robust anchor perfect for use in rivers and lakes. It is available in two sizes and securely holds surfaces where rocks, mud and stumps are present.

  • Weights of 12lbs or 18lbs available
  • Anchor coated with black vinyl for anti corrosion and no rusting
  • Extra hold provided by grappling action of individual three blades
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River and Lake Anchor Buyer’s Guide

Anchoring in rivers and lakes is an important aspect of boating. It is wise to invest in an anchor that you can rely on, especially if fishing. River and lake anchors rarely cost over $60 and cheaper options are available to suit your requirements. The anchor needs to be efficient for quick use when the situation arises.

Our buying guide reviews the best river and lake anchors on the market to help you select the perfect anchor for your boat. Following are some common features of river and lake anchors for you to consider when making your choice.

Anchor Type

The shape and style of the anchor will determine its effectiveness when anchoring certain surfaces. The most popular lightweight anchor type is a fluke anchor. This anchor is ideal for smaller boats. A scoop or single point anchor has great holding power in grassy and muddy conditions. A cheaper and less effective option is a Grapnel anchor which would be suitable for canoes or jon boats.

Holding Power

River and Lake Anchors vary in their ability to penetrate the bottom surface or a lake or river. The weight and shape of the anchor determine the size of the boat which it is able to hold. A combination of weight and flukes will give an anchor a stronger holding power and keep the boat sturdy for longer.


Anti-corrosion materials are vital when purchasing a river and lake anchor. The anchor is likely to be submerged in water very often and so needs to be durable enough to withstand contact with river beds and lake bottoms. Look for vinyl and PVC protective coating to ensure your anchor lasts.


The weight of a river and boat anchor needs to be sufficient to hold your size of boat. This is especially important if fishing, because the boat may need to be stationary for long periods of time.