5 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for White Bass (Reviews Updated 2021)

White bass are some of the more popular species of bass, and these silvery-white fish are known to put up a good fight, regardless of their small size. Successfully reeling white bass very often if not every time can be hastened with the right rod and reel combo for white bass. The ideal rod and reel combo for white bass should be lightweight, durable, convenient to use, and should not cost much.

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for White Bass

Read below for a list of the best rod and reel combos for catching white bass, and their distinguishing features.

1. KastKing Centron Spinning Combo

Kastking Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos

This versatile combo contains a medium-power Toray IM6 graphite blank rod that is equipped with stainless steel guides with O-ring inserts for smooth performance. The rod is paired with a size 2000 reel that has an aluminum spool, a lightweight graphite frame, and a sturdy triple-disc felt drag system. Also, the reel sports an anti-twist line roller, and 9+1 Maxi-Dur ball bearings for seamless performance while dragging in white bass.

  • Comfortable EVA grip.
  • Powerful and lightweight.
  • 2:1 gear ratio.
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2. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gx2 Fishing Rod And Spinning Reel Combo

This combo contains the special Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod, with a body made from a graphite and fiberglass, providing both strength and sensitivity. The reel has a double-anodized aluminum spool, instant hook sets, and an oversized bail wire for great durability. The 4-bearing system and smooth gear provide enough strength to overpower struggling white bass.

  • 6 ft rod.
  • Medium rod power.
  • 5:1 gear ratio.
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3. Okuma ROX Spinning Combo

Okuma Rox Spinning Combo

The rod in this Okuma combo is 7 ft long and features a graphite blank build and has neo-cork split grips at the rear end for reduced weight on the angler’s hand. The combination of a 2-ball bearing drive within the reel and stainless-steel guides on the rod provides the smooth performance that is necessary for reeling in white bass. The reel has a two-toned anodized spool made from aluminum, and multi-disc oil felt drag washers.

  • Medium rod power.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Comfortable EVA grips.
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4. Pflueger PRESSP President Spinning Combo

Pflueger Pressp President Spinning Combo

Made from high-modulus IM8 graphite, the rod in this combo is strong, sensitive, and weighs little, making it ideal for going after white bass. Within the reel, there are 10 ball bearings made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and an aluminum spool. The combination of the reel’s aircraft-grade aluminum handle and the rod’s stainless-steel guides makes it easy to capture and hold catch, particularly white bass.

  • Braid-ready spool.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Combo is corrosion-resistant.
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5. PLUSINNO Red Eagle Spinning Combo

Plusinno Red Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

In this combo, the rod sports a special IM6 carbon matrix build that provides the rod with power and sensitivity, complete with a comfortable EVA handle that prevents slipping. The size 3000 reel has a beautiful, eye-catching design, and its drag system is smooth, making the task of dragging in white bass an easy one. The rod has a strong plastic reel seat and stainless-steel guides with ceramic inserts that increase convenience while fishing.

  • Lightweight combo.
  • Medium power.
  • 7 ft rod.
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Rod and Reel Combos for White Bass Buying Guide

The white bass is one of the most popular of the bass family and sought after by anglers. They are often confused for their larger cousins, the striped bass, and even though smaller, they still put up a decent fight worthy to be called sports fish in many areas.

We have given you a rundown of the best rod and reel combos for white bass on the market based on their specified features, price points, and performance. We will now take a look at important factors you should consider when scouting for a rod and reel combo for white bass to help streamline your choices and make sure you end up with the best possible match.


The first factor you want to consider when choosing a rod and reel combo for white bass is the type you want to get. Of all the combo types, spinning and baitcasting rod and reel combos are just perfect for white bass.

Spinning rod and reel combos are super convenient to use, are great for both newbie and pro anglers, and give you the best casting distance.

With a baitcasting combo, you get a little extra fighting power and can handle bigger white bass.


The ideal rod and reel combo for white bass should emphasize portability and should be very convenient to carry around especially if you have to move good distances to your favorite spots or are a traveler. Ideally, you want a rod and reel combo for white bass with either a multiple-piece configuration or a telescopic design.

Rod Specifications

The rod specifications like the length, power and action, and construction are also important factors to consider. The rod in the combo should come with a decent length between 6 and 8’ at most, light to medium/heavy power, and slow to moderate action.

Reel Specifications

The reel in the combo should come with a sturdy lightweight construction, should be matched with the rod type, and should come with a moderate amount of drag. It should also come with a decent line capacity, a quick retrieval speed, and an ergonomic design for convenience.