5 Best Rods for Plastic Worm Fishing (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For reasons still unclear to many anglers, lures mimicking worms have proven to be very effective in hooking target species like bass, trout, crappie, etc. As important as your lure is in raises the chances of a bite, it must be backed by a high-quality fishing rod to handle the reeling strain when it gets down to it. The ideal fishing rods for plastic worm fishing should be lightweight, easily maneuverable, durable, sensitive, and should be versatile to both freshwater and saltwater.

Best Rods for Plastic Worm Fishing

To save you the shopping hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five fishing rods suited to plastic worm fishing and don’t cost a fortune.

1. Cadence CR5-30 Spinning Rod

Cadence Cr5 30 Spinning Rod

First, on our list, the Cadence CR5-30 spinning rod boasts of a carbon fiber composite blank and comes with ultralight power and moderate fast action. It is exceptionally lightweight and sensitive, features SiC guides for the smoothest casts, and comes in a two-piece configuration for carrying convenience. It is also exceptionally durable and combines the qualities of EVA and cork into its dual-grip handles for the most comfort.

  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Super-sensitive performance, smooth casts.
  • Exceptional comfort, very portable.
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2. St Croix Triumph Fishing Rod

St Croix Triumph Fishing Rod

The St Croix Triumph spinning rod boasts of a fine balance between superior power and lightweight performance, thanks to its graphite fiber blank. It comes with a high-grade cork handle, Fuji DPS reel seats, and highly durable aluminum oxide line guides for wear-resistance. It extends up to 5’6’’, is easy to disassemble for portability, and boasts of impressive sensitivity with its ultra-light power.

  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable and ultra-sensitive performance.
  • Very portable and versatile.
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3. Entsport E Series – Camo Legend

Entsport E Series Camo Legend

The Entsport Camo Legend comes as a baitcasting rod with a highly-versatile 2-piece configuration and two tips that give variety in power, emphasizing great value for money. It comes with a lightweight carbon fiber blank that combines superior strength with sensitivity, and corrosion-resistant exposed reel seats with a soft feel finish. It also features very comfortable spilt-grip EVA handles for reliable performance and no-friction line guides for accurate casting.

  • Superior strength and energy distribution.
  • Lightweight and highly versatile.
  • Highly durable and convenient to use.
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4. Ugly Stik Elite

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Salmon Rod

The Ugly Stik Elite is a top-notch spinning fishing rod that features a graphite blank for lightweight, durable performance. It comes in varying lengths, features corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides, and boasts of varying action and power ratings. It also sports highly ergonomic cork handles for comfort and is rated at 8-17 lbs. of line tension.

  • Lightweight and highly durable.
  • High sensitivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
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5. KastKing Blackhawk II

Kastking Blackhawk Ii

The KastKing Blackhawk II is a top-notch telescopic fishing rod ideal for the traveling angler and comes in a six-piece configuration that is very easy to set up. It features a blend of high-grade materials for the most durability and flexibility, comes as either casting or spinning rod, and is highly versatile. It is compact, lightweight, and sports an EVA handle for the most comfort.

  • Six-piece telescopic design.
  • Highly versatile and travel-friendly.
  • Very durable and convenient to use.
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Rods for Plastic Worm Fishing Buying Guide

Many target species just love food that wriggles and with a plastic worm lure, you can raise your chances of hooking a great catch. Choosing the right rod to control your lure through the water is your first step to plastic worm fishing and must be gotten right the first time and every time after that.

Our buying guide reviews the best rods for plastic worm fishing on the market based on their specified features and performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the necessary factors to consider and the qualities to look out for in a rod for plastic worm fishing before you make a purchase.


The first decision you will have to make when choosing a rod for plastic worm fishing is the type of rod you want to go for. Of all the rod types, spinning and baitcasting rods are the most commonly used for plastic worm fishing. Spinning rods offer the advantage of longer-range casts and are exceptionally versatile. Baitcasting rods, on the other hand, boast of more accurate casts and are built to handle the strain of reeling larger catch.


As an extension of the type, the length of your rod for plastic worm fishing is another important factor to consider. The longer the rod, the further you can make casts and the more sensitive it is.


Like with any other fishing ice, any equipment you are using will spend most of its life in or around water and should thus be exceptionally durable.

Power and Action

Plastic worm lures are typically small and a decent rod for plastic worm fishing should come with ultralight or light power for the most sensitivity. It should also come with fast action for easy setting and improved sensitivity.