5 Best Sailing Hats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Just as a reliable pair of sunglasses protects your eyes, a quality sailing hat is a must have item to protect your neck, face and head from harmful sunrays reflecting off the water’s surface. These hats come in a variety of styles and designs that not only offer protection, but keep you looking stylish as well.

Take a look at our reviews below for some of the best sailing hats currently on the market.

Best Sailing Hats

Here are our reviews of the best sailing hats.

1. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Sailing Hat

Columbia Mens Bora Bora Booney

Columbia has been one of the top names in outdoor wear for years, and for good reason. This sailing hat is designed using fabric that aides in sweat and moisture wicking to allow for a comfortable and dry fit.

  • Adjustable draw cord for a custom fit
  • Large brim blocks the sun
  • UPF sun protecting technology
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2. ICOLOR Sun Cap Fishing Hats

Icolor Sun Cap Fishing Hats With Face Masks Outdoor Sun Protection Visor Caps With Windproof Neck Fa

This hat takes shade to a whole other level. Featuring a foldable full-face and neck cover, this hat also has a UPF 50 plus rating and is hard to match in terms of sun protection.

  • Quick drying
  • Windproof and waterproof fabric
  • Sweat wicking fabric
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3. EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women

Einskey Sun Hat For Men Women, Sun Protection Wide Brim Bucket Hat Waterproof Breathable Packable Bo

This is a great hat for any sailors on a budget. This sailing hat is great for protecting you from harmful sunrays and is made using water repellent materials.

  • Adjustable draw sting produces a custom fit for men and women
  • Wide brim protects your face from harmful sunrays
  • Packable and lightweight
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4. Tilley LTM6 Broad Brim Sun Hat

Tilley Mens Womens Ltm6 Broad Brim Extra Ventilation Sun Protection Airflo Bucket Sun Hat

No sailing hat list would be complete without featuring a Tilley Hat. A trusted Canadian name in outdoor hats since 1980, this sailing hat is lightweight, protective and easy to maintain. These are considered to be some of the best outdoor hats in the world.

  • 100% nylon
  • Storage pocket
  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
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5. Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat

Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat Lightweight Cotton Fishing Gardening

In terms of functionality, performance and protection, for its low-price, this hat is hard to beat. This sailing hat features a wide, foldable brim and is great for compact storage.

  • UV protection
  • Vented
  • Highly durable
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Sailing Hat Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to sailing hats, the options are truly endless. With so many designs and features to choose from, it is understandable to feel a little reserved: some offer face and neck flaps, others are more straight forward with larger brims; some are waterproof and windproof, others are not. That’s where we come in.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.


A quality sailing hat should be easy to maintain. Make sure to do a bit of research surrounding the brand and read any included instructions to make sure you get the most life possible out of your purchase.


Life on a sailboat can push a hat to its limits. Conditions and factors such as rain, sun, sweat, saltwater and others work together and are the main cause of decay. Before settling on a hat, make sure to read customer reviews and try to choose a brand that is renowned for their craftsmanship.


As was mentioned above, certain hats offer different levels of protection. Consider the environments you tend to sail in and adjust your purchase for features that suit. If neck and face flaps are too constricting for you, choose a design that offers a wide brim instead. You should also consider extra protective features such as a UPF rating. This feature not only blocks the sun, it resists and reflects it.