5 Best Sailing Shorts and Pants (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A reliable pair of sailing shorts or pants are a must have item for those hot days and chilly nights. The following clothing is specially designed for life on the water; often being water-resistant, tear proof and even UV resistant. As well as high functioning, this outerwear is highly fashionable and is available in a variety of colors to suits anyone’s taste.

Take a look at our reviews for some of the best sailing shorts and pants currently on the market.

Best Sailing Shorts and Pants

Here are our reviews of the best sailing shorts and pants.

1. Gill Race Shorts (Quick Dry)

Gill Race Shorts (quick Dry)

These quick drying shorts are great for wearing on deck and in the water. Featuring an adjustable waist-strap and made from durable abrasion-resistant fabric, these shorts can be worn by both men and women.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Water repellent finish
  • Zippered knife pocket
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2. Helly-Hansen Women’s Crewline Shorts

Helly Hansen Women's Crewline Shorts

These women’s shorts are made from a 94/6% blend of Polyamide and Elastin. This ensures that they stretch to accompany your movements while remaining comfortable and durable at the same time.

  • UPF 40 sun protection
  • Tear-resistant
  • Zippered pockets
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3. Helly Hansen Men’s Jotun QD Cargo Shorts 11

Helly Hansen Men's Jotun Qd Cargo Shorts 11

These cargo shorts are flexible yet durable. Their mesh-lined pockets allow for quick drying and maximum storage.

  • Zipper closure
  • Tear-resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors
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4. O’Neill Men’s Premium Skins UPF 50+ Shorts

O'neill Men's Premium Skins Upf 50+ Shorts

These shorts can be comfortably worn under your wet suit or while lounging around on deck. Extremely lightweight and flexible, these shorts offer comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • 50+ UV protection
  • Completely form-fitting
  • Quick drying
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5. Helly-Hansen Women’s Thalia Quick Dry Pants

Helly Hansen W Thalia Quick Dry Pant

These women’s sailing pants are a comfortable and fashionable way to keep warm on those chilly nights above and below deck.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Elastic waistband and draw cord
  • Quick drying fabric
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Sailing Shorts and Pants Buyer’s Guide

Proper outerwear is a necessity for life onboard a sailboat. Temperatures can range drastically from morning to night and reliable clothing to keep you comfortable, warm and dry is essential. There is no shortage of styles and designs to chose from and this can leave you feeling a little uncertain; that’s where we come in.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.


The clothing items that you choose should be tight and form fitting. A sailboat has a lot of moving parts that can easily hook and tear your clothing and baggy clothing only puts you more at risk for an accident.


As you can imagine, sailing tends to be a little wet and slippery. Look for clothing that is quick drying and water repellent, should you be splashed by a wave or get caught up in a rainstorm. Quick drying material will ensure that you’re comfortable again in no time, ready to enjoy the trip.

Remember: waterproof and water resistant are two different things. Water resistant clothing will repel rainwater and slight spray, but it will not keep you dry from a full-on blast of water from a wave. If you’re a serious sailor, you’ll want to have fully waterproof clothing on board at all times

UV protection

This is a great feature to look out for. While on deck, you’re constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and this feature not only blocks the sun, it reflects it.