5 Best Scuba Fins (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For the most mobility and leg stroke efficiency while diving, a pair of scuba fins is a must-have in your gear. They serve as an extension of your legs and boost your propulsive power as you maneuver in the vast underworld that is the ocean. The ideal scuba fins should be very comfortable, easily adjustable, and should generate the most propulsion with as little effort as possible.

Best Scuba Fins

Below, we take a look at our top five selected scuba fins, streamlining your options to help you make the right choice quickly.

1. Cressi Frog Plus Scuba Diving Fins

Cressi Frog Plus Scuba Diving Fins

The Cressi scuba fins boast of a fine blend of materials for superior durability and open-heel design for comfort and adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Its blades create a channeling effect for high up and down stroke efficiency, while its patented below-the-blade foot pockets allow for the maximum area and ultimately, propulsion. It is very comfortable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Superior durability and comfort.
  • High stroke efficiency and propulsive power.
  • Lightweight and wear-resistant.
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2. Mares Avanti Superchannel Fins

Mares Avanti Superchannel Fins

The Mares Avanti is a top-notch scuba fin pair that comes with a full foot design orthopedic foot pockets for the most comfort. Its blades sport a three-way super-channel design for high stroke efficiency and are very long for maximum propulsion without sacrificing portability. It is very flexible yet highly durable.

  • Full foot design and comfortable fit.
  • Super-channel design for maximum efficiency.
  • Lightweight, durable, and high propulsion.
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3. Cressi Pro Light

Cressi Pro Light

The Cressi Pro Light scuba fins are a great buy for both novice and veteran divers and yield the most propulsion with minimal effort. It comes with an open-heel design built for comfort, dual-material blades for lightweight, well-balanced performance, and quick-release adjustable straps for easy size adaptability. It is built for the most surface area and comes with side rails to create a channeling effect for stroke efficiency.

  • Great for both novice and veteran divers.
  • High propulsion and stroke efficiency.
  • Open-heel design with quick-release straps and side rails
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4. Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fin

Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fin

The Atomic Aquatics scuba fins come with a full foot design with soft pockets for comfort, and a special split blade built to mimic the efficiency of real-life fish fins. It offers maximum propulsion with little effort and is very lightweight, and portable for the traveling scuba diver. Its streamlined blades are laced with channel prints for minimum drag.

  • Very comfortable full foot design.
  • High efficiency split fin design with channel print.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
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5. TUSA SF-22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins

Tusa Sf 22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins

The TUSA SF-22 Solla scuba fins come with open-heel pockets and are designed for the most power transmission and comfort. It comes with a TUSA patented 20º Angle Blade Design, a three-channel profile for the most efficiency and rear vents for improved hydrodynamics. The side rails are reinforced for the perfect mix of flexibility and rigidity and come with standard anatomic straps that can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit.

  • Open-heel design with soft foot pockets for comfort.
  • High stroke efficiency and maximum propulsion.
  • Impressive hydrodynamics and adjustable fit.
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Scuba Fins Buying Guide

With scuba fins, you can quickly channel your foot power to propulsion needed to navigate underwater. Fish use their fins to move around in the water and so it is only intuitive that we join them with ours. Swim fins create a larger surface area for energy transmission and thus improve your stroke efficiency. The extra propulsion they grant also comes in handy when you need to quickly make your way out of currents that may prove dangerous.

Our buying guide reviews the best scuba fins on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We also guide you in your purchase as we outline the factors you should consider when pitching a pair of scuba fins against another so you make the best choice.

Heel Design

One of the most important criteria that separate scuba fins from one another are the heel design. Scuba fins come as either open-heel or full-foot fins. Open-heel scuba fins, like the name implies, feature a foot pocket with an open heel. They use straps to hold the fin in place and are high for their comfort. For people with sensitive skin or that is prone to blistering, open-heel scuba fins are ideal. Note that with open-heel scuba fins, however you will need to wear them with dive boots.

Full-foot scuba fins, on the other hand, envelope the heel in an elastic foot pocket like you will wear a shoe. They are often more lightweight than open-heel fins and can be worn with or without socks. They are, however, less powerful and may not be the best for diving in strong currents.

Comfort and Fit

Like with any other diving gear, your scuba fins must be very comfortable and ensure a snug fit for the most enjoyable dives. As you’ll be doing a lot of kicking, your scuba fins should be just the right size – not too tight to cause discomfort or blisters, and not too loose that you’ll struggle to keep them on. Always refer to size guidelines for the best choice. The foot pocket should envelop your legs like a good shoe. Open-heel scuba fins also offer the advantage of adjustable straps for a great fit.

Blade Design

The blade design of your scuba fins is another important consideration to make. Scuba fins come in a wide variety of blade designs but the most common are standard fins, split fins, and jet fins. Standard fins are the ideal choice for newbies and come with a flat extended surface with side rails for a decent channelling effect. Split fins mimic fish fins and boast of impressive stroke efficiency and fin speeds. Jet fins, channel the water into a pressurized stream and are ideal for professional divers. They are, however, usually more bulky.


Many scuba divers have their favorite spots in different cities, states, or even countries, and if you are one of them, you will want to invest in scuba fins that are very lightweight and portable. Also, if you will be going through a lot of security checks, it is best to go for scuba fins without metal components to avoid travel delays.