5 Best Scuba Gauges (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Safety while diving cannot be overemphasized, and as you will be exploring high-pressure environments, you want to be well equipped to face the forces of nature. With a scuba gauge, you can monitor the pressure changes in real-time as you ascend and descend and make the necessary adjustments to your gear, and prevent pressure injury. The ideal scuba gauge should have a wide reading range, be very accurate, and should be easy to use and read.

Best Scuba Gauges

It is quite a hassle attempting to find the best scuba gauges to purchase. To help you avoid the effort, five of the best scuba gauges have been carefully picked.

1. Cressi Mini Console PD2

Cressi Mini Console Pd2

The Cressi gauge has a maximum depth capacity of 70 meters (230 ft) which is remarkable when compared to most other gauges. Available in both metric and imperial versions, the device consists of Mini-Manometer Pressure Gauge and an Analog Depth Gauge. Combined with a color-coded gauge dial for easy reading, this gauge definitely deserves to be among the best scuba gauges, and it weighs only 0.88 lbs. (400 grams).

  • It has a compact rubber boot to ensure a firm grip.
  • Maximum pressure reading is 5000 psi (350 bar).
  • It has a chrome-plated brass case which ensures durability.
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2. TUSA SCA-280 Dual Analog Console

Tusa Sca 280 Dual Analog Console

The TUSA dual gauge is equipped with a high-pressure gauge and a depth gauge. The pressure gauge can take a maximum reading of 5000 psi (350 bar) and the maximum depth is 60 meters (200 ft). The gauge’s face is luminescent, in order to provide maximum visibility.

  • The gauge boot has attachment points.
  • It also has a temperature gauge.
  • Comes in metric and imperial models.
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3. Mares Mission 2 Scuba Gauge

Mares Mission 2 Scuba Gauge

Taking readings in dark waters with this Mares gauge is very easy due to its luminescent display. The analog design comprises a pressure gauge that has a maximum value of 5000 psi (350 bar) and a depth gauge. The maximum depth is an impressive 70 meters (230 ft).

  • The measurement unit is imperial.
  • Casing has a shock-resistant design.
  • It has a weight of 1.4 lbs. (636 grams).
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4. Aqua Lung 2-Gauge Control

Aqua Lung 2 Gauge Control

Also present among the best scuba gauges is this Aqua Lung product which has a luminescent gauge face for easy reading in the dark. It contains a pressure gauge and a depth gauge, with limits of 5000 psi (350 bar) and 60 meters (200 ft) respectively.

  • Measurements use metric units.
  • Its weight is just 0.75 lbs. (341 grams).
  • It has a temperature gauge.
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5. Scuba Pro 2-Gauge Console

Scuba Pro 2 Gauge Console

Boasting of a pressure gauge with a limit of 5000 psi (350 bar), the Scuba Pro gauge is lightweight, and yet efficient. Its compact build consists of a shock-resistant boot which ensures extended durability. Also, it is easy to read and can be used by both professional and amateur divers.

  • It weighs 1 lb. (455 grams).
  • Maximum depth is 45 meters (150 ft).
  • Its readings have imperial units.
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Scuba Gauges Buying Guide

Scuba gauges are valued over dive computers for reliability and durability. While dive computers will give more precise readings, you don’t want yours running out of battery power or developing a fault while submerged.

There are a number of qualities that must be found in any scuba gauge before it can be described as one of the best scuba gauges. It must be easy to use, easy to read, and durable. The aim of this buying guide is to highlight these features to aid you in finding the right scuba gauge for you.


This factor is quite important when you consider the fact that diving is quite demanding physically. It is important for your gauge to be as light as possible so that you can swim without any excess weight affecting your movement underwater. The best scuba gauges do not weigh much in order to help you achieve this aim.


Everyone definitely wants to buy a product that will last for the longest amount of time possible. Most proper gauges have boots and cases that are made from compact materials in order to ensure that they are durable and travel-friendly. For instance, high-grade rubber boots are designed to be shock-resistant and will resist impact.

Measurement Unit

This is another important factor, as it is quite needful to ensure that the measurement unit of your gauge is the one that you are used to. Some gauges are strictly imperial while others are metric, and some others have different versions that support either metric or imperial units. The measurement unit is usually always mentioned in the product description to aid you in making the right purchase.

Maximum Depth and Pressure

Depending on how deep you intend to dive, you should look into the maximum depth measurement of a gauge before you purchase it. Also, the maximum pressure capability of a device is important to note. Generally, the very best scuba gauges measure depths of up to 70 meters (230 feet) and pressures of up to 5000 psi (350 bar).

Temperature Gauge

A thermometer is not usually the most prominent feature on most of the scuba gauges, but it is definitely a plus if your gauge has it. It will not hurt if your gauge can take temperature readings as an extra feature.


One very important factor is whether or not you are able to take readings in the dark. To aid total visibility, some topnotch gauges have luminescent dials that glow in the dark, allowing you to view it easily in deep waters.