5 Best Scuba Masks with Purge Valves (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Not every diver knows how to clear their masks manually, and if you are one, a dive mask with a purge valve is a great buy for you. They offer a convenient, hands-free way to clear your mask and help you focus on your dives. The ideal scuba mask with a purge valve should be very comfortable to wear, highly durable, come with a wide field of view, be easy to equalize, and should be efficient and easy to clear.

Best Scuba Masks with Purge Valves

To save you the stress of scouting for the best scuba masks with purge valves, five great products have been picked and described below.

1. Scuba Choice Rubber Mask with Purge

Scuba Choice Rubber Mask With Purge

This masterpiece is equipped with a nicely fitted one-way purge valve, making it one of the best scuba masks with purge valves. The high-grade design features a tight facial fit that keeps the eyes dry while scuba diving. It is known to remain functional at depths of up to 100 feet (30 meters).

  • It has an outer rigid frame that is made from stainless steel.
  • It has a comfortable rubber strap and an adjustable strap.
  • The lenses are made from tempered glass which is durable.
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2. Aqua Lung Pacifica

Aqua Lung Pacifica

The Aqua Lung Pacifica is an exquisite piece of engineering, with a large-area lens that provides a wide range of vision. The presence of a silicone skirt ensures a tight, secure fit around the face. Available in a single black color, this scuba mask has a nice classic design that makes it attractive to the eye and a purge valve that works instantly and efficiently.

  • The purge valve is easy to use.
  • The lens is made from shatterproof tempered glass.
  • It meets up with ANSI standards.
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3. XS Scuba Fusion

Xs Scuba Fusion

Standing among the best scuba masks with purge valves, the XS Scuba Fusion mask is available in five different colors. Its one-way purge valve is easy to operate, and it clears out water instantly. Also, the specially designed skirt keeps exhaled air bubbles from getting in front of a diver’s face and obstructing his/her view.

  • It is a durable product.
  • The one-piece lens provides a wide vision.
  • It is quite affordable.
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4. SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD

Seadive Eagleye Rayblocker Hd

The Eagleye RayBlocker HD is an underwater innovation with impressive features like a fog-resistant lens. Also, its buckles can be adjusted easily in order to provide a more comfortable, more efficient seal. It can be used in waters of different temperatures, and the single-piece lens allows for a wide range of vision.

  • It repels harmful UV rays.
  • Lens is made from shatter-resistant tempered glass.
  • Its efficient purge valve is easy to use.
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5. Genesis Panview 2

Genesis Panview 2

This scuba mask from Genesis has ratcheting swivel buckles that can be adjusted easily to give a proper facial fit. Another special feature that makes it one of the best scuba masks with purge valves is the presence of side-view windows for a panoramic view. The valve is very effective, and it is easily operated.

  • It has a crystal silicone skirt.
  • The lenses are fog-resistant.
  • Comfortable, leak-free seal.
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Scuba Masks with Purge Valves Buying Guide

Most modern scuba masks do not come with purge valves as their intricate designs keep water infiltration to a bare minimum. Purge valves, however, offer the advantage of clearing up your scuba mask very easily and completely hands-free by exhaling. Scuba masks with purge valves are also a great buy for newbies and professional divers alike who haven’t gotten the hang of manually clearly their scuba masks yet or who value convenience respectively.

Our buying guide reviews the best scuba masks with purge valves based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further as we outline important deciding factors you want to consider so you get the best value for your money.

Comfort and Fit

Perhaps the most important quality of any scuba mask with a purge valve you’ll be getting, it must be very comfortable to wear. Your scuba mask with a purge valve must fit snugly on your face – not too tight that it causes discomfort and not too loose that water leaks in. To ensure the best comfort, most scuba masks feature medical-grade silicone skirts that deform slightly under strap pressure for a good seal. Your scuba mask with a purge valve should also come with adjustable straps for the best fit on your face.

Basically, you don’t want to be fondling with your mask underwater or struggling with leaks as these will ruin your diving fun. There should be no sharp edges and every part of the mask should be gentle on the skin.

It is always a good idea to check out sizing guidelines so you know the right size for your face. Even better still, you can physically try out different scuba masks with purge valves at your local scuba gear store so you are doubly sure.

Mask Volume

The volume of any scuba mask for with purge valve you are getting is another important consideration to make. The increasing pressure as you descend squeezes down on your scuba mask, and to prevent this, your mask has to be equalized. The lower the volume or space in your mask, the lesser the air you need to balance or equalize the pressure. Larger, heavier scuba masks with purge valves might be uncomfortable for you and will require more air to equalize the pressure. You also don’t want a scuba mask that is too small as this can squeeze on your nostrils and be uncomfortable.

Note, however, that the presence of a purge valve allows for more flexibility in your different size options. If you prefer masks with larger volumes, say because you have a large face or much facial hair, then the purge valve will be just great.

Lens Design

The fun of scuba diving lies mainly in all the beauty you’ll be seeing, so your scuba mask lens is another very important factor to consider. When considering lenses, scuba masks can be categorized into different classes.

Scuba masks come with mono or dual-lens designs. Mono lenses feature a single lens that covers the entire viewing area. They boast of a wider field of view as there is no center nose bridge. They are however often larger and thus harder to equalize. Dual-lens masks come with, you guessed it, two lenses, one for each eye. These are easier to equalize and usually come with side panes to compensate for the truncated field of view from the nose bridge.

The lens material is another very important factor to consider. You should always opt for scuba masks with tempered lenses. These are built to withstand the varying high pressures that come with your dives and resist damage from impact.

Scuba masks can also come with clear or tinted lenses. Clear lenses are great for low to moderate depth diving. If you want to dive very deep and possibly study marine life, then you want to go for tinted scuba masks. These help shield your eyes so you don’t spook marine fauna – a long believed theory.

Other lens designs include optical corrective lenses for people with eye defects and color correction lenses that ensure you see objects with the most color integrity at depth.