5 Best Scuba Masks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Scuba diving is great, and with the extended periods you will spending underwater, a scuba mask is a must to have in your gear. It helps keep water out of your eyes and nose, granting you excellent visibility and comfort as you explore the depths of the ocean with all the pressure they bring, literarily. The ideal scuba mask should be very comfortable to wear, highly durable, come with a wide field of view, and be easy to equalize.

Best Scuba Masks

Shopping for a scuba mask online can be challenging as you have to sift through thousands of brands and models. To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five scuba masks from which we are sure you’ll find a product that ticks with you.

1. Cressi F1

Cressi F1

First, on our list, the Cressi F1 lives up to its badass name, with its low-profile design and excellent portability. It sports a foldable, frameless design, a single lens for a wide field of view, and is highly durable. It is a customer’s favorite for its low volume and easily adjustable straps that ensure a snug fit and soft silicone for the most comfort.

  • Low-profile design and great portability.
  • Wide field of view, highly durable lenses.
  • Low-volume design and comfort.
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2. Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Dive Mask

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Dive Mask

The Phantom Aquatics Scuba Mask is a rare find with its patented tri-window design for the widest field of view and comfort-emphasized design. It sports a unique push-button strap for easy adjustments and a durable frame that doesn’t fall short of aesthetic appeal. Its low volume makes for easy equalization and is designed for a great seal in varying pressure.

  • Wide field of view and tight seal.
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable.
  • Low-volume design.
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3. OCTOMASK GoPro Hero Scuba Diving Mask

Octomask Gopro Hero Scuba Diving Mask

The OCTOMASK Scuba Mask bridges the gap between scuba diving and photography and comes with a mount for mounting submersible GoPro cameras. It is built for the most comfort, emphasizes a wide field of view, and the best seal while submerged. It also comes with a mounting screw and traveling bag, making it ideal for the touring scuba diver.

  • GoPro adaptable.
  • Ensures a comfortable, snug seal.
  • Comes with extra accessories.
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4. Promate Optical Corrective MK245 Scuba Mask

Promate Optical Corrective Mk245 Scuba Mask

The Promate MK245 is an outstanding scuba mask for prescription glasses wearers and sports bifocal optical correction lenses. It sports a low-volume design, and a soft silicone skirt for the most comfort while ensuring a tight seal. Its two lenses also grant a wide field of view and its easily adjustable straps to accommodate different face shapes.

  • Ideal for prescription glasses wearers.
  • Low-volume design and built for comfort.
  • Wide field of view and easily adjustable.
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5. XS Fusion Purge Scuba Diving Mask

Xs Fusion Purge Scuba Diving Mask

The XS Fusion Purge mask sports a single curved lens for the widest field of view and comes with a one-way purge valve. Its nose pocket purge design aids easy evacuation, while its patented skirt ensures that exhaled bubbles are kept out of your field of view. It is highly durable and boasts of impressive hydrodynamics.

  • Wide, unobstructed field of view.
  • Comes with a one-way purge valve.
  • Highly durable and hydrodynamic.
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Scuba Masks Buying Guide

A scuba mask grants excellent protection to your eyes and nose while scuba diving and investing in a high-quality model is absolutely necessary. Whether you are a newbie scuba diver or are looking to replace your old scuba mask, you can’t go wrong with this buying guide.

We have reviewed the best scuba diving masks on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to help you streamline your choices. Now we will take it a step further and outline the factors you should consider when on the market for a scuba mask before making a purchase.

Comfort and Fit

Perhaps the most important quality of any scuba mask you’ll be getting, it must be very comfortable to wear. Your scuba mask must fit snugly on your face – not too tight that it causes discomfort and not too loose that water leaks in. To ensure the best comfort, most scuba masks feature medical-grade silicone skirts that deform slightly under strap pressure for a good seal. Your scuba mask should also come with adjustable straps for the best fit on your face. Basically, you don’t want to be fondling with your mask underwater or struggling with leaks as these will ruin your diving fun. There should be no sharp edges and every part of the mask should be gentle on the skin.

Lens Design

The fun of scuba diving lies mainly in all the beauty you’ll be seeing, so your scuba mask lens is another very important factor to consider. When considering lenses, scuba masks can be categorized into different classes.

Scuba masks come with mono or dual-lens designs. Mono lenses feature a single lens that covers the entire viewing area. They boast of a wider field of view as there is no center nose bridge. They are however often larger and thus harder to equalize. Two-lens masks come with, you guessed it, two lenses, one for each eye. These are easier to equalize and usually come with side panes to compensate for the truncated field of view from the nose bridge.

The lens material is another very important factor to consider. You should always opt for scuba masks with tempered lenses. These are built to withstand the varying high pressures that come with your dives and resist damage from impact.

Scuba masks can also come with clear or tinted lenses. Clear lenses are great for low to moderate depth diving. If you want to dive very deep and possibly study marine life, then you want to go for tinted scuba masks. These help to shield your eyes so you don’t spook marine fauna – a long believed theory.

Other lens designs include optical corrective lenses for people with eye defects and color correction lenses that ensure you see objects with the most color integrity at depth.

Mask Volume

The volume of any scuba mask you are getting is another important consideration to make. The increasing pressure as you descend squeezes down on your mask, and to prevent this, your mask has to be equalized. The lower the volume or space in your mask, the lesser the air you need to balance or equalize the pressure. Larger, heavier scuba masks might be uncomfortable for you and will require more air to equalize the pressure. You also don’t want a scuba mask that is too small as this can squeeze on your nostrils and be uncomfortable.

Frame Design

The frame of your scuba mask holds everything together and should also be considered. Scuba masks come as framed or ‘frameless’ models. Framed scuba masks come with a regular non-deformable frame and offer the advantage of being used with prescription lenses. Frameless scuba masks have lenses that sit directly in the silicone skirt and are designed to be much smaller and thus have lower volumes. Many frameless scuba masks are foldable and thus offer excellent portability.

Some scuba masks like the OCTOMASK GoPro Hero come with frames specially adapted to underwater photography.