5 Best Scuba Tanks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The scuba tank is the most important part of your scuba gear and contains all the air you’ll need while underwater. Unlike the freediver who goes under for a few minutes at most on a single breath, the scuba tank allows you to stay submerged for hours on end, and explore in comfort as you are totally relaxed. The ideal scuba tank must be able to withstand the immense pressure changes, should contain as much air as possible, and should be highly durable.

Best Scuba Tanks

To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five scuba tanks that boast of high quality and meet international standards. Hopefully, you would be able to make a proper choice from the list below.

1. Sea Pearls Aluminum Scuba Tank by XS Scuba

Sea Pearls Aluminum Scuba Tank By Xs Scuba

Equipped with a service pressure of 3000 psi (206.84 bar), the XS Scuba tank can go toe to toe with almost any other of the best scuba tanks. Officially, it has a product weight of 30 lbs. (13.61 kg), and its actual capacity stands at 77.4 cubic feet. For added convenience, the quality aluminum body comes more than one color type.

  • K-Valve design.
  • It comes in black, yellow, and plain colors.
  • The external diameter is 7.25 inches.
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2. Catalina 80 CF Aluminum Scuba Tank

Catalina 80 Cf Aluminum Scuba Tank

The Catalina scuba tank is made from the best Aluminum alloy design to assure a very durable and steady build. Despite the strength of the body, the design helps it remain lightweight and it has a maximum service pressure of 3000 psi (206.84 bar). The cylinder has a high flow capacity valve and it comes in several colors including blue, red, yellow, white, green, and purple.

  • The cylinder is rust free.
  • Product weight is 31.6 lbs. (14.33 kg).
  • The total capacity is 80 cubic feet.
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3. Faber 80 CF Blue Steel Dive Tank

Faber 80 Cf Blue Steel Dive Tank

This cylinder from Faber is undoubtedly a masterpiece, as is possesses a whopping pressure capacity of 3442 psi (237.32 bar). Belonging to the F-X series, it is eligible for use with Nitrox, and it is oxygen cleaned. A rust-resistant finish and a self-draining tank boot are among the features that make it one of the best scuba tanks.

  • Maximum volume capacity is 80 cubic feet.
  • It weighs 28.6 lbs. (13 kg).
  • The external diameter is 7.24 inches.
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4. Iorman 66 CF Carbon Fiber Scuba Tank

Iorman 66 Cf Carbon Fiber Scuba Tank

Slightly smaller than the other tanks on this list, the Iorman has a capacity of 66 cubic feet. This does not stop it from being one of the best scuba tanks as its service pressure is a massive 4500 psi (310.26 bar). The very strong carbon fiber body of the cylinder is coated in epoxy, and this prevents corrosion of any kind.

  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • The outer diameter is 6.1 inches.
  • It weighs only 12.2 lbs. (5.53 kg).
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5. Cyl-Tec Aluminium Scuba Diving Tank

Cyl Tec Aluminium Scuba Diving Tank

A combination of the working pressure of 3000 psi (206.84 bar) and air capacity of 80 cubic feet makes this cylinder to rank among the best scuba tanks. The high-grade aluminum body ensures extended durability. Also, the tank is suitable for use for all divers, whether you are just beginning, or you already have some experience.

  • It has a combo valve that supports DIN and K-type connections.
  • Product weight is 35 lbs. (15.86 kg).
  • The cylinder stands at a height of 29.75 inches.
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Scuba Tanks Buying Guide

Air supply underwater is not a matter to be taken lightly, since the life of the diver directly depends on it. A reasonable amount of consideration should be taken before you decide on the right scuba tank for you.

Our buying guide does justice to the best scuba tanks on the market that boast of great value for money and have proven to be dependable. We then take it a step further and outline the important consideration you should make when considering a scuba tank before you make a purchase.

Tank Material

The most common dive tanks are made from either steel or aluminum. It is important to deliberate on which of the two metals you want your tank to be made up off. Generally, steel is heavier than aluminum, and this means that steel tanks are likely going to be heavier than their aluminum-made counterparts.

Also, aluminum is highly corrosion-resistant. This is not the same for steel. When exposed to moisture for a long while, steel often begins to corrode, and this corrosion is often faster if the moisture is from saltwater.

Finally, aluminum tanks are often heavy at the bottom to aid the tanks to stand upright. However, steel is often uniform and has an even distribution of weight. So, if you buy an aluminum tank, you would likely be tail heavy when swimming.

Carbon fiber composites are becoming common in scuba tanks. They are very lightweight and can handle immense pressures. However, they are very expensive and only ideal if you don’t mind the extra cost for low weight.

Pressure Rating and Volume

These two factors are very important when scouting a perfect scuba tank. Generally, higher pressure tanks of the same size have greater volume capacities than lower pressure tanks. The volume capacity of your tank measures how much air it can store for you.

Among the best scuba tanks, it is not unusual to see a tank having a volume of up to 80 cubic feet. Also, high-pressure tanks can withstand pressures as high as 4500 psi (310.26 bar). The pressure ratings work hand in hand with the specified volume for the amount of air stored.

The higher the pressure rating and volume, the better. However, a tank that can withstand higher pressures and comes with a higher volume will consequentially be heavier.