5 Best Shallow Water Anchors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Anchoring in shallow water is a common circumstance, especially when fishing. A shallow water anchor keeps the boat in a desired spot and doesn’t harm the bottom. Most models are usable in six to eight feet deep water, allowing for a quick stop with little hassle.

Best Shallow Water Anchors

Here are our shallow water anchor reviews.

1. Ultimate PWC Premium Sand Shallow Water or Beach Anchor

Ultimate Pwc Premium Sand Anchor. Holds And Protects Watercraft. Shallow Water Or Beach Anchor For

The Ultimate PWC Premium Sand Shallow Water or Beach Anchor is a premium, versatile piece of equipment. The anchor can be used with a kayak, seadoo or canoe with ease.

  • Auger-screw creates suction in sand for firm anchoring
  • Recommended for use on boats up to 18ft
  • 100% money back guarantee offered if you are not satisfied with the product
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2. Shallow Water Anchor Pin

Shallow Water Anchor Pin

The Shallow Water Anchor Pin is a durable shallow water anchor. The anchor is recommended for use with kayaks, stand up paddleboards and boats up to 17ft in size.

  • Clinching lanyards for added security
  • Comes with durable storage clips
  • Aircraft Grade Fiberglass anchor pin with UV damage inhibitor
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3. PANTHER MARINE 3005.5280 Black KPP100B King Pin Anchor Pole

Panther Marine 3005.5280 Black Kpp100b King Pin Anchor Pole 2 Piece, 10'

The PANTHER MARINE 3005.5280 Black KPP100B King Pin Anchor Pole is a 2 piece pole which is lightweight and easy to store. The set includes rubber storage clips and mounting screws making installation straight forward.

  • Pool-cue style makes for quick breakdown and easy storage
  • Stainless tips included to protect the pole from damage
  • Constructed of high-impact fiberglass
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4. MarineTech Products KPP120B 2-Piece Anchor Pole 

Marinetech Products Kpp120b 2 Piece Anchor Pole For King Pin Shallow Water Anchor System

The MarineTech Products KPP120b 2-Piece Anchor Pole is made for mobility. The Anchor pole is part of the King Pin Shallow Water Anchor System and comes in two parts for easy storage.

  • Stainless steel butt collar detaches for quick breakdown
  • Made from ¾” diameter fiberglass
  • Molded grips made from foam for comfortable handling
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5. SandShark Boat Sand Anchor Ultimate

Sandshark Boat Sand Anchor Ultimate

The SandShark Boat Sand Anchor Ultimate is great for use in shallow water, on the beach or on the shore. It drills into the ground using a screw auger for added stability.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel with anodized aluminum
  • Fold up for convenient storage
  • Large size is recommended for boats up to 23ft and extra large for boats over 23ft
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Shallow Water Anchor Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a shallow water anchor is an important purchase for any fisherman or small boat owner. The Anchor needs to be mobile and reliable so that it doesn’t hinder a potential catch by being difficult to set up. Double checking the pole’s compatibility with the mount is important before purchasing your shallow water anchor.

Our buying guide reviews the best shallow water anchors on the market so you can make an informed decision based on your particular boating needs. Listed below are some standout features to bear in mind when choosing the best suited shallow water anchor for your boat.


Shallow water anchors vary in the size of boat they are capable of anchoring. The maximum capacity ranges from 16ft to 23ft boats. Check the dimensions of your boat and make sure you choose a shallow water anchor that has the strength capabilities required to do the job.


The anchoring power comes from the durability of materials used. Extra strong anchors are made from high quality metals such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Other anchors are made from aircraft grade fiberglass which is also exceptionally reliable and aesthetically pleasing.


Packing away your shallow water anchor should be a quick and easy process. Some anchors are in a pool-cue 2-piece style which is ideal for dismantling quickly and not taking up excess space on the boat. Being able to mount the pole in a matter of minutes when required is of great importance when fishing.

Suction Grip

Some shallow water anchors use suction to create a hole in the ground to create a solid connection. This stops the anchor from easily being displaced by currents.