5 Best Skimboards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The thrill that comes with skimboarding is beyond description and recreational skimboarders understand this quite well. Nonetheless, skimboarding is not as fascinating as it can be without the right skimboard that will take your through the water surface while keeping you balanced. Our review of the best skimboards presents top-rated products in the market based on their feature offering and our experiences with skimboards. The buying review thereafter helps you navigate the market when you are looking to buy the best skimboard for your next summertime adventures.

Best Skimboards

Here’s our review of the best skimboards.

1. Wave Zone Skimboards 42″ Blue Wave Zone SE Carbon & Fiberglass Skimboard

Wave Zone Skimboards Blue Wave Zone Se Carbon & Fiberglass Skimboard

Trusted by thousands of riders, Wave Zone Skimboards has delivered this 42” skimboard to riders’ pleasure providing an excellent feel for shoreline tricks. This skimboard can hold beginner and intermediate riders that are up to 130 lbs in weight making it suitable for both children and fit adults. A traction deck grip helps you stay balanced on shallow water as you catch the tiny waves and enjoy the time out.

  • Carbon Reinforced Nose and Tail
  • Ideal for Entry Level Wave Riding
  • Traction Deck Grip
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2. Victoria Woodie Medium 38.1×19.3 Blue Skimboard

Victoria Woodie Medium 38.1x19.3 Blue Skimboard

Beginners skimmers can progress into being intermediate skimmers with this age-old traditional style skimboard from Victoria. The Woodie is designed with a fiberglass base to make it durable and fast. Specially designed for kids and people who are new to skimming and looking to learning how to run, jump on, slide far, and bash small waves, this skimboard is far from excellent.

  • Tough fiberglass bottom
  • Made from wood
  • Perfect for beginners
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3. Slapfish Skimboards 41″ Fiberglass & Carbon Skimboard

Slapfish Skimboards Fiberglass & Carbon Skimboard

Constructed with a strong PVC core, this skimboard has enough rating to hold riders’ weight up to 140 lbs without a sign of fracture as well as its waterproof technology that makes it last longer than regular skimboards. Lightweight and with the perfect amount of rockers, you can avoid being caught up in the lip of the wave without slowing down a nudge while riding this skimboard. Slapfish Skimboards has always had riders’ comfort at the center of its designs and they have maintained this reputation even on this 41” fiberglass and carbon skimboard.

  • Ultra-glide bottom
  • Professionally installed traction pad
  • Strong PVC core
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4. Wave Zone Diamond 38.5″ Skimboard

Wave Zone Diamond Skimboard

Hand-crafted to be faster and stronger, this Wave Zone Diamond 38.5″ Skimboard is an excellent option for adults and kids alike. Its Divinycell high-density foam core prevents it from fractures during any ride when pounced with weight within the limit of 110 lbs. Fiberglass finish and gel coat make it durable and glamorous to handle and use.

  • Handcrafted fiberglass and gel coat
  • Divinycell high-density foam core
  • Hammer Traction
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5. Driftsun 30-40 Inch Wood Skim Board

Driftsun 30 40 Inch Wood Skim Board

Advanced riders consider Driftsun as a good source of quality skimboards and it has not failed to deliver on the quality of their products launching this wood skimboard as a stellar product. The XPE non-slip pad, accompanied by a rocker design to reduce nose dives, is a superb feature that allows you to land your tricks flawlessly. Durability is also evident through a waterproof poly-lacker coating.

  • Made with poplar wood
  • Hard protective waterproof poly-lacker coating
  • XPE top traction pad
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Skimboards Buying Guide

Even pros can get skeptical when trying to buy the best skimboards even though most of them are accustomed to certain brands. Buying a skimboard for a start can get a bit hazy for beginners since they are unsure of the best skimboard that will help them hone their skills properly. This buying guide is positioned, with the right features to focus on, to help you buy an appropriate skimboard to spice up your summertime adventures.

Weight Limit

All the best skimboards reviewed have a weight limit within which it most probably will not get fractured. Knowing your weight as a rider will help you determine which skimboard will be ideal for you. Using a skimboard that is tested to carry lower than your body weight may result in board fractures and possible injuries during rides. Nobody wants to get another skimboard only a few days after getting what seemed like the purchase of a lifetime.


The size of your skimboard strongly affects your speed and travel distance when riding on shallow waters. After considering your body weight and the limit of the skimboard, it is necessary to review your choice between speed and distance. Smaller boards are often faster and make for tricks and skill display. Longer and bigger boards, on the other hand, may be more buoyant because of the surface area and can create more drags slowing it down but covers a longer distance. Unfortnately, larger boards are most ideal for heavier riders hence there could be a correlation between lightweightedness and trick frequency.


Talking about rockers, most riders will prefer a slightly elevated rockers to help reduce nose dives. Some of the best skimboards are designed with round noses to reduce nose dives. This may not appeal to your riding style since rounded noses are believed to go slower than those with pointed noses. Whichever your choices are, ensure that it will not truncate your fun by staying afloat and off the sand.


The material used to make the best skimboards are the major reasons for their durability, stability, and most admired speed. The cores of these skimboards may be constructed from wood, EPS foams, or other high end materials like fiberglass or carbon. Although carbons and fiberglass core skimboards may be admirable and very durable, they are more expensive and more suitable for advanced riders. The wood and foam cores are more affordable and may need extra coating and finishing to keep it waterproof and more durable.

Other than the core, skimboards are wrapped. Some of the best skimboards are usually wrapped with carbon materials while others are glass. Although we recommend carbon wraps for efficient rides, you should know which one is best suitable for you.