5 Best Spearfishing Masks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Few water sports beat the thrill of spearfishing – hunting fish with no bait, but just your weapon, speed, and patience. To ensure you take the best shots every time, excellent visibility while submerged is a must. Our naked eyes can only see underwater for so long, but with a spearfishing mask, your most important weapon – your eyes, are shielded and you can stay submerged for as long as you need to strike and never miss.

Best Spearfishing Masks

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five spearfishing masks from which we are sure you’ll find a product that suits your needs.

1. SeaDive Oceanways Superview-HD

Seadive Oceanways Superview Hd W Anti Uv Glare Optical Multicoating W Anti Fog Scuba Spearfishing Di

First, on our list, the SeaDive Oceanways Superview features a single high definition lens with an antiglare coating for the best vision and UV protection. It features a durable plastic housing that sits on a soft, silicone skirt for the most comfort and an elastic strap for a flexible fit. It boasts of a wide field of vision and gives the cool, polarized look of a season spearfisher.

  • HD performance with antiglare coating.
  • Durable design and comfortable to use.
  • Wide field of view, polarized lens.
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2. Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask

Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask For Scuba, Freediving, Spearfishing Nano Made In Italy

The Cressi Low Volume Mask stands out with its superb hydrodynamic patented design and compact shape. It comes with a low volume ensuring a snug fit, is highly durable, and flexible to different head and face profiles. It comes with special buckles for optimum performance, is very lightweight, and yields excellent visibility.

  • Triple patented design with great hydrodynamics.
  • Compact, lightweight, low-volume design.
  • Excellent visibility with great user flexibility.
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3. Scuba Choice Spearfishing Low Volume Mask

Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Spearfishing Free Dive Low Volume Black Silicone Mask

This low-volume spearfishing mask from Scuba Choice comes with tempered lenses for durable, shock-proof performance, and boasts of a low-volume design, great for free diving. Its silicone skirt is built for a comfortable, air-tight seal, while its straps grant great user flexibility. It grants excellent visibility in all directions and is a great buy for women and small-faced people.

  • Durable and shock-proof performance.
  • Low-volume, comfortable design.
  • Excellent visibility and wearer flexibility.
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4. Scuba Choice Spearfishing Classic Rubber Mask

Scuba Choice Spearfishing Free Dive Stainless Steel Oval Shape Classic Rubber Mask

This old-school spearfishing mask from Scuba Choice stands out with its unique vintage design and oval-shaped frame. It comes with tempered lenses for superior durability and a comfortable seal for extended use. It is built from stainless steel for low weight and corrosion resistance, and its large lenses make for the most visibility while submerged.

  • Vintage design with oval frame.
  • Superior durability and comfortable seal.
  • Excellent visibility and corrosion resistance.
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5. Oceanways Superview

Oceanways Superview Accucolor W Anti Fog Scuba Spearfishing Dive Mask (oma836bs)

Aesthetics and superb functionality combined into a compact, low-volume unit is the Oceanways Superview spearfishing mask. Its sports a soft silicone skirt for comfort, large polarized lenses for a wide field of view and maximum visibility. It is also fog-resistant to maintain a clear vision and is flexible to fit different face sizes.

  • Compact, low-volume design.
  • Comfortable and wide field of view.
  • Excellent visibility and fog-resistant.
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Spearfishing Mask Buying Guide

Spearfishing is an amazing sport and with the right spearfishing mask, the odds of landing the best kill shot will always be in your favor. They take the pressure strain off your eyes and allow you to focus on hunting while submerged.

Our buying guide reviews the best spearfishing masks on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give the best options to choose from quickly. We take it a step further and outline the important qualities you should be on the lookout for in a spearfishing mask before you make a purchase.

Mask Volume

The volume of your spearfishing mask is an important consideration to make. It measures how much space is available in the mask’s enclosure when worn. In general, the lower the volume of your spearfishing mask, the better. A lower volume means the lenses are closer to your eyes and thus, better visibility. Low-volume masks also have smaller volumes to clear and thus help you save your breath.


The comfort of your spearfishing mask is one of the most important considerations to make. Your spearfishing mask must fit snugly on your face, provide a tight seal, and should not make you uncomfortable even in the slightest. You don’t want to be fondling with your mask while submerged but should be at complete ease to focus on the hunt. Surgical silicone is a great material to look out for in a spearfishing mask and is non-irritant. You should also follow guidelines to choose the right size and shape for your face profile for the best fit.


Your vision is everything while spearfishing. You want to see as clearly as possible while submerged so you can land perfect shots each time. As stated earlier, low-volume units allow for improved visibility. You also want a field of view as wide as possible so you can see all that’s happening around you and be alert for potential danger around. The lens design is another factor that affects visibility. You want to go for coated lenses that minimize glare as much as possible. These ensure as much light as possible gets through to your eyes.


Key to being an apex predator is being able to stalk your prey without been noticed. Your mask should not give away your presence and should thus be highly camouflaged. It should also come in dark colors to ensure you blend in with the environment until you take the strike.