5 Best Surf Waxes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Surfing is a thrilling sport and as much as it seems fun to be thrown into the water while the wave takes its toll on the ride, surfers wish to stay on the board for as long as they ride. Waxing the boards is one sure way to increase your traction on the board and keep you afloat and, of course, on the roll.

Finding the right surf wax is not as easy as it may seem due to the variety of options in the market but our review has made it a lot easier by bringing the best surf waxes to you. Also, our buying guide will help guide your buying processes to ensure that you get the surf wax that is right for you.

Best Surf Waxes

Here’s our review of the best surf waxes.

1. Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax Surf Wax

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax Surf Wax

Being an industry leader consistently providing quality surf waxes, Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax Surf Wax is one of Mr. Zogs’ best products that are ideal for both top and base finishes providing the perfect traction that you need to stay rocking. Created with various options for application in different water temperatures, this surf wax is for cold, cool, warm, and tropical water. All you have to do is get information about the water you intend to surf and Mr. Zogs might just have you covered.

  • Several fragrances available
  • Good for top and base finish
  • Available in four water temperatures
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2. Sticky Bumps Soft Top Surf Wax

Sticky Bumps Soft Top Surf Wax

Specificity is at the brink of this design with the Sticky Bumps Soft Top Surf Wax focusing sternly on soft boards. This surf wax is only ideal for cold and cool water temperatures within the range of 58 and 68-degrees Fahrenheit. Applying on soft tops or around soft boards can greatly improve adherence.

  • Formulated specifically for soft boards
  • Biodegradable
  • Coconut Scent Non-Toxic
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3. Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Dream Cream Surf Wax

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Dream Cream Surf Wax

Not formulated for beginners, this surf wax keeps traction at its peak for cool and cold water temperatures, although still found useful in other temperatures. Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Dream Cream Surf Wax is known for reliability and quality although residual waxes are observed to stain or stick to swimsuits or wetsuits. Notwithstanding, we consider this as one of the best products because of its versatile board-type compatibility.

  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
  • Obscene stickiness
  • For high-performance surfing
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4. Mrs. Palmers Tropical Surf Wax

Mrs. Palmers Tropical Surf Wax

This is one of the best surf waxes that are formulated for surfing in tropical waters above 75 degrees. Mrs. Palmers Tropical Surf Wax ultra-sticky and fresh from the factory making it a perfect option for tropical surfers who don’t like surfing on waxes with pungent smell (of course, no one does). Packed as five 70 grams wax bars, it serves longer and better.

  • For Water Temperature Above 75 Degrees
  • Ultra-sticky
  • Traction 3000 technology
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5. MARIA’S SURF WAX Vegan ECO Surf Wax

Maria's Surf Wax Vegan Eco Surf Wax

Manufactured with 100% recycled and degradable materials, this surf wax is formulated to give your board interesting traction with the water while keeping your stuck on it throughout your surfing spree. Packed as a single large 90 grams bar of wax, this product is biodegradable and 100% vegan. So, it’s a perfect option if you love the well-being of the animal population of Earth.

  • Pollution Free Offering
  • Biodegradable
  • Reef Safe
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Surf Wax Buying Guide

Buying a surf wax is one of the easiest things to do but you must pay attention to a few factors because even the easiest things may be done wrongly.


Carefully considering the temperature ranges of the waxes can help you stay stuck on your board during a surfing day in the waters. Some surf waxes are formulated for tropical waters while some are for cold, cool or warm water temperatures. You must ensure that the climate around the water presents a temperature that is suitable for your surf waxes. There is nothing more awful in surfing than witnessing your surf wax melt off from your board and have you struggling to stay stuck on the board.

Basecoat or Top Finish

Knowing which wax you need is key to enjoying your time on the board. Some waxes are designed as basecoats only suitable for application directly on the board. These basecoats provide a base for top finishing waxes which are more sticky than they basecoats. Nevertheless, basecoats, being less sticky, provide a few wax bumps that increase friction between your legs and the board.

Choosing a basecoat over a top finish wax may be the key to successful surfing although using both can be advisable. Top finish coats tend to wear off sooner than basecoats so may require reapplication every time you want to get on the board but basecoats can serve you over a period of time on one single application.


Some surf waxes are formulated with non-biodegradable materials while others are. Also, some are 100% vegan products while others may be a mix or non-vegan in its entirety. Choosing the surf wax that meets your personality can bring you a sense of satisfaction throughout your surfing experience.

Furthermore, we advise that you purchase surf waxes made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials that are not harmful to aquatic lives. You wouldn’t want to enjoy your surfing at the expense of the lives in the water.