5 Best Surfboard Traction Pads (Reviews Updated 2022)

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One of the most popular summertime sports is surfing. Many beach goers enjoy this outdoor activity. Like many sports, surfing requires equipment to make it as enjoyable as possible. A surfboard traction pad is a product which enhances grip between the surfer and their board, preventing them from slipping off easily.

Best Surfboard Traction Pads

Here are our Surfboard Traction Pad reviews.

1. Abahub 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pads

Abahub 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pads For Skimboards Surf Boards, Black, Blue, Gray, White

The Abahub 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pads are premium surfboard traction pads made for high performance. This product is made from A-grade lightweight EVA with authentic label 3M adhesive. This surfboard traction pad is designed for turns and cutbacks.

  • EVA foam superb grip
  • Ultra light A-grade high density material
  • Beveled Tail Kick
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2. Halo Waterma Surfboard Traction Pad

Halo Waterman Surfboard Traction Pad Tail Pad 3 Piece With 3m Adhesive, Fits All Boards

The Halp Waterma surfboard Traction Pad is a compatible three-piece designed surfboard traction pad. It offers great grip and versatility which works on any board. This product is composed from high quality materials.

  • 24 month warranty included
  • To stick and stay stuck on surfboard
  • Made of ultra light high density EVA foam
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3. OCEANBROAD Surfboard EVA Traction Pad

Oceanbroad Surfboard Eva Traction Pad With 3m Adhesive Professional Tail Pad With Arch And Kicker Fo (1)

The OCEANBROAD Surfboard EVA Traction Pad is a super grip surfboard traction pad from a reputable manufacturer. This traction pad set is specially treated. It minimizes dust before putting up the 3M adhesive.

  • Surf tail pad is with 25mm beveled tail kicker
  • Fading center arch
  • Resistant from the elements
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4. Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad [choose Color] 3 Piece, Full Size, Maximum Grip, 3m Adhesi

The Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad is a premium quality set of traction pads which are available in four different color designs. These pads are super grippy and soft on your knees when surfing.

  • Powerful 3m Adhesive
  • 100 % customer satisfaction
  • Winder grip construction
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5. OCEANBROAD Surfboard EVA Traction Pad

Oceanbroad Surfboard Eva Traction Pad With 3m Adhesive Professional Tail Pad With Arch And Kicker Fo

The OCEANBROAD Surfboard EVA Traction Pad is an affordable surfboard traction pad. This product is composed of A-grade deck pads. They are cut with diamond grooves and hard brushed to provide ultimate grip and soft comfort.

  • 3-piece template with general size of 11.75”
  • Surf tail pad with beveled tail kicker
  • Super bonding
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Surfboard Traction Pad Buyer’s Guide

A surfboard Traction Pad is a wise purchase for a boat owner. These pads allow for greater grip when using a surfboard. Prices are generally quite low – around $20. This shouldn’t undermine the importance of a surfboard traction pad though, because these pads improve safety and stability when surfing. Not only do they improve your safety, but also the safety of others who are sharing the water with you at a particular time.

Our buying guide reviews the best Surfboard Traction Pads on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right lock for your motor.  The following are common details to consider which feature on most Surfboard Traction Pads and will help you to choose the perfect one for you.


Surfboard traction pads sometimes feature diamond shaped groove designs which improve your grip when surfing. They are sometimes hard brushed which further improves the stability and makes sure the pad gains traction and doesn’t slip. Many surfboard traction pads are available in a variety of high visibility colors depending on your own personal preference.


Obviously the materials which a surfboard Traction Pad is composed of need to have one main attribute – grip. EVA is used to form a surfboard traction pad. The actual pad itself is made of rubber combinations, for added reinforcement and to prevent it from being broken.

Special features

Beveled tail kickers give you complete control over your surfboard when using a traction pad. These are usually around 25mm in size and improve the sturdiness of the surfboard..