5 Best Surfboard Travel Bags (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Only a few groups live right next to the beach or an ocean shore. Most others have to travel a distance to get to the beach just to join in on the fun. Going this distance with a surfboard requires you to have a surfboard travel bag to carry those adorable boards safely. Our review of the best surfboard travel bags will provide a shortcut in choosing the best option from the voluminous products available in the market. When you intend to make the purchase moves, our buying guide underneath is focused on putting you on track as you find the best surfboard travel bag for yourself.

Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Here’s our review of the best surfboard travel bags.


1. Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag

Pro Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag

A 10mm foam protection on the Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag keeps your board from scratches and accidental hits. Designed to accommodate 2 or 3 surfboards, this travel bag is an interestingly elegant product that stays fitted with exterior straps. An internal partition keeps the boards separated and a back Velcro strap allows for seamless carriage.

  • 10mm foam protection.
  • Multiple interior storage/fin pockets.
  • Adjustable deluxe shoulder strap
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2. Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag

Pro Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag

Travel surfing with one board or two is just easier with the Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag because of its fitting precision and excellent dimension that allows it to fit up to two hybrid boards. The top zip opening allows you to slip boards into the bag safely while keeping them cushioned with 600 Denier Poly on top and bottom. A side pocket that is large enough to contain your wetsuit makes it a perfect option for your travel trips to the beach.

  • 600 Denier Poly
  • Padded deluxe shoulder strap
  • Collapsible gusset with velcro closure
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3. Curve Surfboard Travel Bag

Curve Surfboard Travel Bag

The nose and tail of surfboards have been known to be the most delicate parts of the board and the Curve Surfboard Travel Bag has considered the safety of this delicate part of your board and built into this bag a 20mm foam section for protection with a 7mm body foam all around. 100% nylon zippers are anti-corrosive and trusted to last throughout the lifetime of the travel bag, so the end of this travel bag is certainly not coming through the zippers.

  • Silver Tarpee Semi-reflective Base
  • Massive 20mm Boosted Nose And Tail Foam Zones
  • YKK Buckles Are Used Throughout For All Clip
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4. Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag

Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag

There has always been a thing with big tooth zippers. They are known to be more durable and reliable which, of course, Abahub bad incorporated into their Premium Surfboard Travel Bag to ensure that you get a long-lasting product for your money. Suitable for a wide range of board sizes, this surfboard travel bag is widely acceptable to all kinds of surfers that are looking to store up to two surfboards right after use; no need to take off the fins.

  • Inside fin pocket with velcro
  • 5″ wide padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant PE shell with 600D reinforcement
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5. Curve New Surfboard Travel Bag

Curve New Surfboard Travel Bag

This surfboard travel bag provides intense overall protection for you surfboards with a 20mm foam covering from nose to tail along the rails making all the edges protected from scratches and accidental hits. With big tooth PK non-corrosive zip, as well as its double padded adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, the Curve New Surfboard Travel Bag is an excellent fit for comfort and durability.

  • 20mm surfboard protection from Nose to Tail
  • Tough 600D water-resistant polycanvas base
  • TPSS tail protection strap system
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Surfboard Travel Bag Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy the best surfboard travel bag, some of the most prominent features that you would have to look at are the zippers, the fitting, the number of boards intended to be transported, the foam paddings, and consideration for your surfboard fins.

The Zippers

The quality of a surfboard travel bag depends greatly on the zips because most damages start from the zippers. There are surfboard travel bags that come with different quality fo zippers. You should ensure to opt in for those with big tooth zippers that can withstand pressure as well as withstand corrosive weather conditions. Zippers always have metal components that may rust and consequently damage when exposed to water which is inevitable when you are dealing with surfboard travel bags.

The Fitting and Board Number

There are surfboard travel bags for various sizes of boards and number. Some are designed to carry up to three boards while others are designed to hold only one or two boards of a specific size. Knowing the size of your board and the number of boards you intend to transport will help you choose a suitable travel bag for your surfboards.


The best surfboard travel bags vary depending on the types of padding as well as the thickness of the padding added to the bags. Some travel bags are padded from the nose to the tail through the trails protecting every edge of the surfboard. As much as we strongly recommend these types of travel bags, there are other options that may suit your needs and budget accurately with their nose and tail paddings which are several millimeters thick to protect your board from accidental scratches.

Your Board Fins

There are surfboard travel bags that are designed with pockets for fins. Some of them come with Velcro closure to keep your stuff organized all the way. Others without pockets for fins may have openings that allow you to store the boards without going through the stress of detaching the fins. This type of bag is ideal for surfboards with undetachable fins. We strongly advise that you look at your board carefully to help you choose the best travel bag for it.