5 Best Surfing Balance Boards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The sport of surfing is massively popular on beaches all over the world. Like many sports and activities, surfing requires some basic equipment to learn the techniques. One of the most effective ways to learn how to surf is by using a surfing balance board. This allows a person to learn the techniques and balance required for surfing without actually having to be in the water.

Best Surfing Balance Boards

Here are our Surfing Balance Board reviews.

1. N&M Products Balance Board

N&m Products Balance Board Wooden Balance Trainer For Fitness, Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboardin

The N&M Products Balance Board provides an amazing workout and practice session for surfing. This high quality surfing balance board helps to build strength through balance. IT is a great way to improve stability and coordination skills.

  • Premium wood construction
  • Grip tape for extra stability
  • Enhances surfing skills
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2. 4th Bee 4th Core Balance Board for Exercise Training

4th Core Balance Board For Exercise Training Board Exercise For Fitness With Roller Board Balancing

The 4th Bee 4th Core Balance Board for Exercise Training is a simple, effective surfing balance board which assists in building strength and technique. It also improves balance and physical control in a safe remote location.

  • Cold pressed by 10-ply maple
  • Open balance talent
  • Petroleum based foam rollers
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3. INDO BOARD Original Training Package Balance Board

Indo Board Original Training Package Balance Board For Fitness Training And Fun, Comes With 30 X 18

The INDO BOARD Original Training Package Balance Board is a popular choice when it comes to surfing balance boards. This product is simple, clean  and has a natural wood finish. It features the iconoc INDO BOARD logo.

  • Can be used practically anywhere
  • Personal mini gym
  • For all abilities of surfers
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4. Yes4All Balance Board Trainer Wooden

Yes4all Balance Board Trainer Wooden With Adjustable Stoppers – 3 Different Distance Options 11, 16

The Yes4Alll Balance Board Trainer Wooden is a great tool for improving balance and surfing ability. This piece of equipment imrpvoes core strength, posture and coordination. It also improves a surfers visual sense.

  • Two removable stoppers included
  • Hardwood construction
  • Anti-Slip Peeve surface
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5. Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board

Vew Do Surf 33 Balance Board

The Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board is designed by surfers. It is a great surfing balance board aimed at improving the ability of a surfer. It is ideal for those flat days when the waves aren’t breaking or for those trapped indoors

  • Unique channel and rail design
  • Lasts for years
  • Perfect dryland surfer trainer
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Surfing Balance Board Buyer’s Guide

A surfing balance board is a great tool for improving a surfer’s ability when they are not able to get out into the water. Prices range from $80-$180, but a good surfing balance board is well worth the cost as this piece of equipment can lead to massive improvements in skill and technique.

Our buying guide reviews the best Surfing Balance Boards on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right  for your balance board.  The following are common details to consider which feature on most Surfing Balance Boards and will help you to choose the perfect one for you.


A surfing balance board needs to be comfortable for you to practice with. Therefore is is important to choose one which can handle your size and weight, and the dimensions of the space you wish to use the balance board in.


Heavy duty woods are popularly used for the construction of surfing balance boards. Cork rollers are also employed because they are slightly malleable but still strong and durable enough to handle the pressure and weight of a surfer.

Special features

The function of a surfing balance board is to effectively simulate the surfing experience without having to be in water. This is achieved through weight distribution and rollers make great tools to make this simulation more realistic. Rail designs also add another element to surfing balance boards so they are worth looking out for.