5 Best Surfing Earplugs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Surfer’s ear, a situation where regular surfers start growing bones in the ear due to too frequent exposure to water, is pro surfers’ most dreaded condition. Using surf earplugs can help you avoid this condition and also keep your ears protected from the fluid surrounding. Getting the best surf earplug means keeping your ears, which is the only exposed opening to your internal environment, well guarded. Our review of the best earplugs for surfing, as well as our buying guide, is focused on helping you find the best and most suitable surf earplugs for you.

Best Surf Earplugs

Here’s our review for the best surf earplugs.

1. Speedo Ergo Surf Earplugs

Speedo Ergo Surf Earplugs

Packed in a reusable care box, the Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs are soft and comfortable to use. The specialized contour shape makes it super convenient for the ears and reduces leakage to the minimum. Speedo has been a market leader in the watersports products industry and has built confidence among its customers; therefore, you don’t have to worry about uncertainties as removal and insertion is super easy.

  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Lightweight silicone
  • Ergonomic design
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2. Oken Audible Surf Earplugs

Oken Audible Surf Earplugs

With the Oken Audible Surf Earplugs, you are not completely deafened as sounds can still enter the ear while you make your way around the beach and the water surrounding. Although sounds are allowed in, water is kept out wth these earplugs on because of its snug-fitting feature. Talking about snug-fitting, Oken has realized that humans have various ear sizes, so it has designed this earplug in 3 sizes giving you options to perfectly meet your plugging needs.

  • Allows sound to enter
  • Prevents water from entering the ear canal
  • 3 different sizes available
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3. KUANSHENG Silicone Surf Ear Plugs

Kuansheng Silicone Surf Ear Plugs

100% reusable the KUANSHENG Silicone Surf Ear Plugs is an excellent option to keep your ears protected from leakages while avoiding itches at the same time. Made from lightweight silica gel, you can barely feel the presence of these earplugs in your ear while you focus on your swimming. Ergonomically designed, it comes with a reusable storage box that makes it easy to carry and remain neat and sanitized.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Made of soft silica gel
  • Bright colors
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4. SYOSIN Surf Ear Plugs

Syosin Surf Ear Plugs

Delivered as three pairs of professional waterproof earplugs, the SYOSIN Swimming Ear Plugs is designed for adult surfers that should keep their ears protected from infectious water. These earplugs are ergonomically designed with silicone materials that are soft and comfortable to wear over an extended surfing section. They are easy to carry owing to the reusable plastic box that holds each pair keeping it clean, healthy, and organized at all times.

  • Made of soft silicone material,
  • Comes with a reusable plastic storage box
  • Waterproof and very comfortable
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5. REEDCALE Surfing Earplugs

Reedcale Surfing Earplugs

Just like most top products, the REEDCALE Swimming Earplugs are waterproof and audible earplugs that makes surfing even more fascinating because you can hear the sound of the waves and the water splashing while keeping them away from entering your ear canal. Designed with soft silicone, these earplugs are easy to wear and comfortable. The ergonomic design keeps it hanging firmly on the ear until when removed with the hand.

  • Blocks water from the ear
  • Design matches perfectly to ear shapes
  • Made with soft silicone
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Surf Earplugs Buying Guide

Buying an earplug for your surfing needs is just as important as getting a surfboard. Some of the best surf earplugs are affordable but shouldn’t be ignored. When buying your earplugs for the next surfing day, you should consider looking at the following features.


Although these earplugs are cheap and easy to get, you may find yourself spending a lot if you always buy a new earplug when you are around the waters; especially when you surf frequently. Choosing reusable earplugs over one-time-use may save you a fortune and save our planet from several silicone and rubber deposits.


Some of the best surf earplugs are designed in various sizes because the manufacturers understand that the human ears vary in sizes. Knowing the size of your ear and getting an earplug that will fit perfectly into your ear will help you avoid accidental fall of earplugs while in action, and also prevent discomfort caused by tight earplugs.

Either of these discomforting situations can be hazardous as exposure of the ear canals to water may be the cause of infectious diseases like Surfer’s Ear. Stay protected always.


You may see the color choice of your earplug to be a trivial feature to look at but, we strongly believe that it is important. When earplugs fall off your ears, a brightly colored earplug may be easier to find in the water while dull colors are near impossible to find; also due to the small size. You may also want to ignore the color because when earplugs fall off, you might just get another one for a few bucks. That is not advisable because the materials used to make those earplugs are not always biodegradable and can cause pollution on the water putting aquatic lives in jeopardy.