5 Best Swim Bags (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Spending quality time out at the beach, lake or pool would require you to bring a couple of accessories along. No matter the weight, size, and quantity of accessories you intend to take with you, a good swim bag is a perfect option to keep them safe, dry, and contained while you enjoy your trip to the waters and back.

There are several swim bags in the market but the very best swim bags are what we are outlining in this review. Furthermore, our trusted buying guide which follows just after will help guide you in making an excellent decision when buying your next swim bag.

Best Swim Bags

Here are our recommendations for the best swim bags in the market

1. Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Swim Bag

Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Back

Considered as an essential part of your summertime and pool adventures, the Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Swim Bag is designed with 100% polyester and an open weave mesh that allows for ventilation and quick drying. Its flexibility makes it ideal to carry accessories of various sizes and quantities while keeping them locked in with its drawstring closure. With feather-like weight, its shoulder strap makes it a backpack and easy to carry.

  • Shoulder straps for backpack carry
  • 100% Polyester
  • Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying
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2. Gonex Swim Bag, Dry Wet Separated Duffle Bag

Gonex Swim Bag, Dry Wet Separated Duffle Bag For Gym, Pool, Beach

Durability has always been a watch-word for Gonex and they have expressed it in this Swim Bag constructed with 100% high-quality polyester and smooth zippers that won’t give you the slightest trouble. This swim bag is designed with dry and wet compartments making it possible for you to carry your wet stuff without worries of moistening the dry ones. Its adjustable and detachable shoulder strap gives you the option to carry it across the body or handle it like a duffel.

  • Wet and dry compartments
  • 100% polyester and smooth zippers
  • Made of translucent EVA material with voltage technology
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3. Speedo Teamster Pro Swim Bag

Speedo Teamster Pro 40l Backpack

Offering more than enough space of 40 liters to accommodate all your accessories, the Speedo Teamster Pro Swim Bag is designed with 100% stronger 900D polyester. For its enormous capacity, it is designed with a flat base to help it stand on its own with smooth zippers allowing easy access to the two compartments of the bag. Its side pockets are open weave mesh that dries easily with velcro straps to hold water bottles and small wet accessories.

  • Velcro straps to hold foam rollers
  • 40 Liter space
  • 100% 900D polyester material
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4. Pardao Aerify Mesh Swim Bag

Pardao Aerify Mesh Swim Bag Swimming Pool & Wet Clothes Backpack Gift For A Swimmer Sports Wor

People who wish to move undetected stand a chance with the Pardao Aerify Mesh Swim Bag owing to the fact that it is lightweight and very portable; so, you can just get your stuff in it and off you go. Fortunately, its fourteen waterproof pockets make it possible to keep your things organized within the small space in this swim bag. Now, with the Pardao Aerify Mesh Swim Bag, you can take all your accessories to the beach, pool or lake without the worries of leaving something behind or getting your stuff wet because of its waterproof base and pockets.

  • Fourteen waterproof pockets
  • Open weave mesh for quick dry
  • Two gear loops for additional attachments
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5. Athletico Swim Backpack Swim Bag

Athletico Swim Backpack Swim Bag With Wet & Dry Compartments For Swimming, The Beach, Camping Po

Built for virtually all purposes the Athletico Swim Backpack Swim Bag is a big yet portable storage for your accessories with an elevated and padded laptop sleeve allowing to take your PC with you to the pool, lake or beach whenever you wish. This swim back is built for durability and confidence to keep your accessories dry on wet pool floors with its waterproof tarpaulin base. A large built-in compartment allows you to store virtually anything that you need with you.

  • Built-in laptop sleeve
  • External bungee storage
  • External bungee storage
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Swim Bags Buying Guide

How you enjoy your next swim bag depends greatly on your buying decisions. Our swim bags buying guide is focused on helping you choose the best swim bags for your outings at the pool, lake or beach during summertime and every other time.

While considering your options for a swim bag, you must make sure that you look at certain features of the bag that meet your needs. There is absolutely no value in buying a swim bag is not useful; therefore you stand a chance to purchase value when you look at these qualities.

The Size of the Bag

There are various sizes of swim bags that are designed to serve specific storage purposes. Some swim bags are solidly formed and have a measured room while some are flexible strap bags that may contain from a few accessories to mini luggage. Looking through your stuff and observing how big they are, you can further estimate how much room you’d need in your next swim bag.

There are days when you don’t need more than a few accessories and may need a small-sized swim bag to get going easily. On other days, you may wish to spend quality time at the beach, lake or pool and would need to pull a bulk of accessories and even gadgets along. On these occasions, you may need a significantly bigger swim bag to contain your stuff and keep them dry.

Ability to Keep Things Dry

We do not see the essence of a swim bag if your stuff can’t be kept dry. There are several bags that are waterproof in different areas of its design. Some have a waterproof base to keep your stuff from the wet floor at the swimming pool. Others have waterproof compartments that separate your stuff to keep each compartment dry irrespective of what is in the adjacent compartments.

Although there are needs for you to put your wet wears into the swim bag after your time in the water, there should be chances of your dry stuff still remaining so while you head back home. There are swim bags designed with compartments for dry and wet stuff. Choosing some of these swim bags is ideal for keeping your stuff in order while you make your way home.

The Weight and Portability

Some bags are quite heavy and difficult to carry especially when you are just heading out to spend a few hours at the beach or pool. Many bags are designed with materials that are durable and lightweight making it simple to use, reliable, and easy to carry.

Choosing the best swim bags with the right weight can make it easy and flexible for you to take your accessories with you as you head towards your summertime fantasies.