5 Best Swim Cords (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Swimming is more than just a recreational water activity. Sometimes, you might have a need to improve your swimming skills and there is no better equipment to use than the swim cords. They provide the pull-back and resistance you need to build endurance, as well as help propel your forward to help improve your speed and swimming techniques.

Our review of the best swim cords will help you understand the best available swim cords in the market and also guide you in making the best buying decisions with our swim cords buying guide.

Best Swim Cords

Here’s our review for the best swim cords.

1. Reliable Outdoor Gear Swim Cord

Reliable Outdoor Gear Swimming Belt For Stationary Resistance Training Endless Pool (with Drag Pa

Built for both small pool and large size pools, for adults and children, as well as men and women, the Reliable Outdoor Gear Swim Cord is a perfect pick for swimmers who are looking to improve their skills in static swimming. The bungee stretch cord can as long as 7 feet and an adjustable waist belt allows for firm grip up to 38 inches. This swim cord is designed to dry quickly making it easy for you to take along, in your pack, wherever you are going.

  • 7 feet bungee stretch cord
  • 38 inches velcro harness adjustable waist belt
  • Suitable for static and lap swimming
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2. YYST Swim Bungee Training Belt Resistant Swim Cord

Yyst Swim Bungee Training Belt Swim Resistance Belt Swim Exerciser Belt Swim Tether (one Waist Belt,

With a 2 meters long cord suitable for both adults and children, the YYST Swim Bungee Training Belt Resistant Swim Cord is a recommended swim cord for all types of swimmers. The waist belt is built for comfort wrapped with neoprene and adjustable to go around up to 40 inches.

  • Neoprene covered waist belt
  • Stretch cord up to 2 meters (6.5 feet)
  • Adjustable waist belt
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3. Swim Tether Travel Pack Swim Cord

Swim Tether Swim Belt Travel Pack

With a compatible build and easy carrying for travel purposes, the Swim Tether Travel Pack Swim Cord is one of the best swim cords in the market. A stationary swimming belt keeps you bound as you try to make your way through the waters. Also, the cord is designed to heighten resistance as your efforts increase, helping you to improve your endurance, strength, and speed as needed.

  • Adjustable comfort-fit belt
  • 6ft stretch cord
  • Non-slip strap
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4. StrechCordz SuperStroke Long Belt Slider Swim Cord

Superstroke Strechcordz Long Belt Slider

This is StrechCordz’s number one resistance product and has made our list of the best swim cords in the market because of its safety of use. This swim cord can be used for resisted swim-outs and speed-assisted swim back exercises helping you to accelerate faster, and strengthen the finishes of every swimming stroke. Now you can beat your previous time record without worries of injury resulting from sudden cord breakage.

  • 20 feet (6 m) of latex safety cord
  • 2-inch waist belt fits up to 44-inch waists
  • Easy attachment and interchangeable
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5. YYST 2.0M Pool Swim Training Leash Swim Cord

Yyst 2.0m Pool Swim Training Leash Swim Training Belt Swim Resistance Tether

Suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels, the YYST 2.0M Pool Swim Training Leash Swim Cord consists of a waist belt that is padded with neoprene for comfort and can fit around 44-inch waists with ease. This swim cord is designed to fit into any kind of pool; therefore, it doesn’t require any improvement on your already existing pool.

  • 0 M Tether
  • Neoprene padded waist belt
  • Suitable for all types of pool and all ages of swimmers.
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Swim Cords Buying Guide

Almost all swim cords are similar and straightforward. They are designed with a waist belt, usually made of nylon, that goes around your waist to hold you to the cord while you go about your swimming exercises. This waist belt is attached to a bungee cord that is most often stretchy and, in most cases also, resistant to forward motion. The cord is, thereafter, attached to a loop or a rope that is used to fasten the equipment to a pole outside the pool.

Once this setup is completed, your swimming exercise should progress with ease. Nonetheless, when buying a swim cord, these are a few things that you must look at to avoid wasting your time and money on a cord that might not serve your cause.

The Waist Belt

Although the waist belt of a swim cord is usually adjustable so that it can fit any type of waist, there are limits to their lengths. Some waist belt can go up to 1.1m around while can only go a few inches. Looking out for the perfect length of waist belt that can accommodate your waist when you swim is a good practice.

Also, since waist belts are often made with nylon materials, they may pose some level of discomfort when using them. Choosing neoprene padded waist belts can provide extra comfort while taking your swimming exercises.

The Bungee Cord

The length of bungee cords vary. Although some swim cords are designed to span through big pools that are near Olympic size, some others may be designed for significantly smaller pools. It is important for you to understand the size of the pool that you often practice with and choose the best swim cord that can allow you to swim the length of your pool without limitations.

Furthermore, the bungee cord is an essential part of swim cords since it is the stretchy and usually resistant component of the equipment. Some bungee cords are moderately resistant while some are tough to beat. Knowing your strength and setting clear training goals can help you choose the best swim cords that come with a matching bungee cord strength and resistance.

While the resistance of a swim cord may be fascinating for swimmers improving their skills, there are chances that your improved skills have exceeded the tolerance of the cord and may cause it to break. Once this happens, the swimmer is exposed to severe hazards while in the pool. There are swim cords that are equipped with safety bungee cords that provide extra safety for swimmers in case breakage.