5 Best Swim Paddles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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As much as amateur swimmers aim to improve their skills in various pools, professional swimmers are still dissatisfied with their skill levels and are focused on getting even better. One of the types of equipment that swimmers find valuable is the swim paddle as it helps to improve each stroke, build muscle strength, and nurture good swimming habits.

There are several swim paddles that you can jump on whenever you please, but we have put together a review of the five best swim paddles available to make it easier for you to choose. Our swim paddles buying guide is also focused on guiding you when you are trying to buy a new swim paddle for your training.

Best Swim Paddles

This is our review of the best swim paddles.

1. Speedo Nemesis Contour Swim Paddle

Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddle

Designed with the Tubercle technology, the Speedo Nemesis Contour Swim Paddle is one of the best swim paddles in the market judging from the seamless connection you feel with water as they go through the paddles to your hands making you build some level of acquaintance with each stroke. Its contour shape helps keep your fingers in the proper position as you feel the water through the holes. Repeated use can make you develop those finger positions as defaults.

  • Tubercles for increased surface area
  • Improved tubing straps
  • Contoured shape
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2. TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Swim Paddle

Tyr Catalyst Stroke Training Hand Paddle

Durably constructed to withstand high water pressure and muscled force from the swimmer, TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Swim Paddle is a pair of hand paddles with multiple gridded lacing options that can fit its silicone tubings in several ways. With a unique shape, this swim paddle offers a perfect balance between flexibility and impact resistance; hence, it would help build your muscles as you aim to perfect every stroke.

  • Built-in Sun protection
  • Made of dry fabric
  • Durable construction
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3. Speedo Men’s Adult Fitness Swim Paddles

Speedo Mens Speedo Adult Fitness Swim Paddles 7753098

Constructed for adult men, this swim paddle is trusted to withstand high force and pressure from strong strokes. The Speedo Men’s Adult Fitness Swim Paddles is suitable for adult swimmers of all skill levels since it is designed to help develop your fitness. Also made with durable material for long use, it is equipped with comfort straps to keep your wrist and fingers secured during the whole session.

  • Contoured shape
  • Comfort straps
  • Suitable for all skill levels
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4. SantTop Contour Swim Paddles

Contour Swim Paddles Hand, Swim Training Hand Paddles With Adjustable Straps, Swimming Hand Paddles

With a convex ergonomic design, the SantTop Contour Swim Paddles provide increase traction with the water as your hands take proper positions on the contoured outer surface of the swim paddle. Made of plastic, this paddle is lightweight and does not present any additional burden when swimming. Also, its adjustable silicone straps make it suitable for swimmers of all sizes and skill levels.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Made of Plastic PC Material
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5. Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Swim Paddle

Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddle

The Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Swim Paddle made our review list for its environmentally friendly nature. Designed with a rubber frame, it is suitable for crowded pools making it less impactful on the person swimming next to you in case of a flapping hit. Nevertheless, its contoured fit makes finger positioning easy and are flexible to bring each stroke home.

  • Environmentally friendly rubber frame
  • Wide and adjustable hand strap
  • Contoured fit
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Swim Paddles Buying Guide

As swim paddles are needed to build swimming proficiency, choosing the right swim paddle to meet your training goals is imperative and must be done judiciously. Within, you will be guided on the criteria to look out for when choosing the best swim paddles.


The best swim paddles are made from lightweight materials to avoid adding extra burden on the swimmer. Some are made with rubber and others are completely plastic. Whichever you choose to use should match your training needs and the training environment.

Plastics are best suited for improving muscle strength since it is firmer and commands a larger pull across the water layers. Swim paddles with rubber frames, on the other hand, are most suitable when training in the same pool with other swimmers so that accidental collisions caused by flapping paddles can cause little or no casualties.


The size of a swim paddle has a great influence on the training and general skill improvement. There are various sizes of swim paddles in the market to choose from but merely choosing for choice sake may mar your progress in becoming a better swimmer. You must focus on the skill that you are intending to develop or improve before choosing to buy a particular size of swim paddle. Larger swim paddles are most suitable for building upper body muscles, endurance, and strength because they have greater resistance. Smaller paddles, on the other hand, are best suited for stroke perfection since they offer you the opportunity to maneuver through the water with something that is not significantly bigger than your palms.

Talking about palms, the measurement of your hands may also influence your choice of paddle size. Very big paddles may not fit your small palms and some paddles may be too small for a big palm. Big paddles can be a major cause of injuries like wrist dislocation due to unbalanced pressure experienced on the paddle.


Should you have any need for an extended training section, your fingers may wear out for holding the wrong swim paddles over a long period. In such a situation, contoured swim paddles are the best since they are designed to keep your fingers in a natural position; therefore, helping you cultivate a good swimming habit.