5 Best Swim Parachutes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There is nothing better than breaking your limits and dramatically improving your swimming skills and endurance every time you hit the swimming pool. One of the equipments that most swimmers find particularly useful for improving their speed while underwater is the swim parachute.

Although the market for swim parachutes is growing significantly, we have put together a review of the best swim parachutes that can help you take your swimming to the next level. Our buying guide that follows after is aimed at enlightening you on the right criteria to look for to ensure that you buy the best swim parachute for you.

Best Swim Parachutes

Below is our review for the best swim parachutes

1. FINIS Drag+Fly Adjustable Resistance Swim Parachute

Finis Drag+fly Adjustable Resistance Chute

The FINIS Drag+Fly Adjustable Resistance Swim Parachute is suitable for the development of all four swim strokes, including butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Designed to help fitness swimmers, competitive athletes, and triathletes improve their craft, this swim parachute is made of 100% polyester which makes it impermeable to water and provides adequate resistance.

  • Advanced Resistance Zip System
  • 100% Polyester
  • Globally licensed and patented
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2. Finis Swim Parachute

Swim Parachute

This swim parachute, most compatible with kicks and flip turns, comes in various sizes of resistance making it possible for you to progress from one level of endurance training to the other. With an adjustable nylon belt, you can rest assured that your waist will be not be scratched while you pull the resisting swim parachute with each stroke finish while building muscle, speed, and endurance.

  • Adjustable nylon belt
  • Compatible with kicking and flip turns.
  • Multiple levels of resistance.
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3. YYST Swimming Resist Swim Parachute

Yyst Swimming Resist Parachute Drag Trainer Belt Tow Tether Training Leash

This swim parachute is designed with a neoprene padded waist belt that protects your skin from scratches while tugging on a 16-inch parachute behind. The YYST Swimming Resist Swim Parachute is big enough for adult swimmers who are focusing on building greater swim speed and stronger stroke finishes. The package is delivered with a mesh storage bag which allows the swim parachute to dry up quickly after each training session.

  • Neoprene Padded belt
  • 16″ yellow Parachute
  • 13 feet adjustable webbing strap
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4. Dioche Drag Swim Parachute

Dioche Swimming Belts, Swim Trainer Strength Training Harness Resistance Belt With Drag Parachute

This swim parachute is designed for people who intend to invest a significant amount of time in the pool developing their strokes. It is equipped with a waist belt that is padded with neoprene and PU for comfort with an adjustable waist range of 60cm to 100cm. The Dioche Swim Parachute is particularly useful for swimmers who only get the privilege of training in small pools as it allows you to maneuver within a small space.

  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Neoprene and PU padded waist belt
  • Suitable for small pools
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5. BLILI Swimming Resistance Swim Parachute

Blili Swimming Resistance Belt Swim Exerciser Belt Swim Drag Parachute And Tether For Endless Pool

Designed with precision for speed improvement, the BLILI Swimming Resistance Swim Parachute is perfect for those who want to become competitive swimmers. It’s made of waterproof material that dries quickly; so, you can easily pack it up in its mesh bag immediately you step out of the pull. Lightweight, it is super easy to carry from place to place; thus, you can always have your swim parachute with you wherever you go.

  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Quick dry
  • Lightweight with a mesh bag for storage.
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Swim Parachutes Buying Guide

Buying a swim parachute is not as complicated as it may seem. There are only a handful of criteria to look out for and they are not so technical after all.

The Size of the Parachute

Mostly measured in inches, the size of the swim parachute may be confusing. Most people often mistake it for the length of the attaching cord. Ironically, it’s the length of the sides of the parachute which is, theoretically, proportional to the amount of force required to drag it through the water. The larger the size of the swim parachute, the more water it would pull along and the greater resistance it will create. With this in mind, you should ensure that you buy the size of the swim parachute that meets your training needs.


Most, especially the best, swim parachutes are made of water-resistant materials with waist belts made from a mix of fabric and specialized plastic for sports use. Some of the waist belts are padded with neoprene or nylon for comfort and skin-friendliness. The parachute, which is attached to the waist belt via a cord, is made of water-resistant material allowing it to be pulled through the water creating resistance. When purchasing your next swim parachute, we recommend that you pay close attention to the materials used for the waist belt to ensure that the skin around your waist region is safe throughout your training sessions.


Although most professionals prefer training on standard-sized pools, some swimmers may not be able to find a stadium standard to train with. Therefore, these people may need a swim parachute that is compatible with smaller pool sizes. On this ground, we advise that you consider the size of your pool then choose a suitable swim parachute.

Furthermore, some parachutes are designated as suitable for developing specific strokes. If you want to build your swimming skills, you must have set out goals and also buy the swim parachute that is suitable for improving your desired strokes and helping you reach your goals.