5 Best Swimming Caps for Thick Hair (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The swimming cap is a must-have for the swimmer with long, thick hair. They ensure your beautiful locks stay put as you dive and splash in the water, so the water stays clean and you can focus on your swim without hair flying in your face, all the while, minimizing chemical damage to your mane. The ideal swimming cap for thick hair should be very comfortable to wear, ensure a snug fit, should be lightweight, highly breathable, and dry quickly.

Best Swimming Caps for Thick Hair

To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five swimming caps for thick hair so you make the right choice quickly.

1. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap

Speedo Unisex Adult Swim Cap

Built from lightweight, latex-free silicone, the Speedo adult swim cap is a great buy. It features a smooth texture for the most comfort and easy wear/removal and sports a decent pocket for long thick hair. It is decently flexible so it hugs the head in a decent seal for the best hydrodynamics and minimizes water infiltration.

  • Very comfortable and flexible.
  • Great for long thick-haired swimmers.
  • Superb hydrodynamics and water seal.
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2. Dsane Extra Large Swimming/Shower Cap

Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap

The Dsane swimming cap comes in an extra-large size great for swimmers with long hair and bulky styles. It is made from premium silicone and boasts of superb durability, flexibility, and chemical protection. It is highly ergonomic, comes in a host of colors for variety, and includes a nose and earplugs, emphasizing great value for money.

  • Extra-large size for long thick hair.
  • Superb durability, flexibility, and chemical protection.
  • Great variety and includes extra equipment.
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3. Firesara Lycra Swim Cap

Firesara Lycra Swim Cap

Built from high-grade lycra, the Firesara swim cap boasts of exceptional flexibility for the most comfort and breathability. It ensures a comfortable fit for swimmers with both short and long hair, is very easy to wear/remove and offers excellent UV protection. It sports an anatomic design and yields impressive hydrodynamics for reduced drag.

  • Superior flexibility and breathability.
  • Comfortable, convenient, and offers impressive UV protection.
  • Anatomical design and impressive hydrodynamics.
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4. Firesara Swim Cap

Firesara Swim Cap

Another impressive product from Firesara, this swim cap comes in a 2-pack pair and sport a unique ear-muff design. They are built from high-grade silicone for superior durability and a decent seal, sport an anatomical design for the best hydrodynamics, and are completely waterproof. They are great for both short and long hair, are completely skin-friendly, and are very convenient to wear/remove.

  • 2-pack pair with ear-muff design.
  • Superior durability and anatomical design.
  • Waterproof, skin-friendly, and convenient to wear.
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5. Interlaken Long Hair Dreadlock Swim Cap

Interlaken Long Hair Dreadlock Swim Cap

The Interlaken swim cap comes in much larger than regular swim caps and is a great buy for swimmers with dreadlocks. Its high-grade silicone grants it impressive waterproof performance, comfort, and style while protecting your hair from harsh chemicals. It also includes a PVC carrying case for the most portability and is a great buy for all genders.

  • Great for dreadlocks and large hair masses.
  • Waterproof, comfortable, and stylish.
  • Superior hair protection and includes carrying bag.
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Swimming Caps for Thick Hair Buying Guide

Swimming caps for thick hair are ideal for people with long hair who want to have the most fun at the pool. They give your head the classic torpedo shape of good hydrodynamics, keep your mane from flying in your face, and provide significant protection from chemicals say in a pool.

To help narrow down your search, we have reviewed the best swimming caps for thick hair. We will now take it a step further and guide you through your purchase with factors you should consider before you commit your money to a product.


Swimming caps for thick hair are generally made from different materials and making a choice will depend on your personal preference and needs. Nylon, neoprene, lycra, and silicone are the most common materials you’ll see in a swimming cap for thick hair. Nylon swimming caps are very lightweight and stretchable, and doesn’t absorb water and so dry quickly. Neoprene is what most complete wetsuits are made of and is valued for its excellent thermal protection. Lycra is not as inert as neoprene but is exceptionally elastic allowing for a snug fit. Silicone swimming caps are a little weighty but boast of the most durability.

Comfort and Fit

Like any other swimwear, your swimming cap for thick hair must be very comfortable and fit snugly. It should hug your head like a glove and keep your hair in place without being too tight or uncomfortable. The comfort factor rests on other factors like material, size, and design. Your utmost comfort is necessary so you can focus on your swim and have the most fun.


As an extension of comfort, the size of your swimming cap for thick hair is one of the most important considerations to make. It should come with a large enough hollow to accommodate your hair in a decent grip but should not be too large that it creates drag. It should also not be too small that it becomes too tight. Always refer to manufacturer size guidelines or try out swimming caps at your local store to find the right size for your head and hair.